A Triggered Rant On School Shootings
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A Triggered Rant On School Shootings

This is ridiculous.

A Triggered Rant On School Shootings

What the f*ck, y'all.

What is with the lack of gun control at homes of millennial's and teenagers? Do you (parents) not lock your guns away? Are they just sitting out for everyone (robbers, your kids) to play with? Have some discipline at home, I mean tell your kid no and mean it for once. Your kid is not an angel.

You can be an ass and they're still going to love you. Be a role model to your child, teach them they're just as good as the next guy but not better. The thing with kids these days is that they think they can accomplish anything and get away with anything because parents have been told to put your kid up on a pedestal, well lift them up with their head on straight. Don't lift them up to be a narcissist who becomes depressed and anxiety filled because they didn't get 50+ likes on Instagram.

Social Media has taken over the millennial's minds, so much so they look to these things for everything. What clothes to wear, what to say to sound "cool," to gain friends. The lack of parents at home is another thing that's changed for the worse.

"Mothers aren't at home anymore to teach these morals." -Dumbass. It's not just mothers, y'all. It's fathers too. Shit, it's every parent out there. Each parent has a distinct responsibility to love your f*cking child. To care for them and ask them how they are and what they learned that day. You shouldn't have to snoop through their personal things to know your kid.

You don't have to be best friends with them but if they seem depressed, I mean that's partly your (@ parents) fault. A depressed child is pretty obvious and if you don't catch the problems, figure out what you're doing wrong and fix it.

This is ridiculous,

But honestly not as ridiculous as putting the hashtag "pray for Santa Fe" or "pray for ___" everywhere. What is a hashtag on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or wherever supposed to do? It won't do anything but make people aware that you "care." Which we all know you don't.

You are putting that hashtag on your social media and commenting on photos and making it seem like you care, but in reality there is nothing you can do but realize there is a problem with our society and FIX IT!

Most of you who do those things probably forget to pray for them when you're at church or at home, and when you do forget, it doesn't bother you. You know why it doesn't bother you? Because deep down, some of you may realize it wouldn't make a difference whether you pray or not.

Like the Florida shooting, for example, the parents of the deceased students were enraged because all people were doing was praying. Yes, they've passed away and there's nothing we can do about it now but we can stop this from happening again and that's what they preached on.

You can start by raising your kids with morals. Not necessarily religious morals but the ability to have compassion and to know that KILLING IS BAD. Like I don't understand, do you not talk to your kid at home? Are you too focused on yourself?

No, you're too focused on your technology.

Guys, the internet is incredible, but it is also one of the scariest places to get into. Again, you shouldn't have to monitor what your kid does on their phone, they should know right from wrong already. It infuriates me to see these shootings happen because how I am supposed to have kids, raise them in this world where we are glued to our phones?

Addicted, so mentally addicted to them that they have no morals. How am I going to send my child to school knowing this has happened in the past? How am I to know your kid wont kill mine one day?

There are signs to see, mental signs and some physical signs. My point here is: Gun control wont solve anything. Giving your kids multiple prescription pills for their social media filled minds wont help the situation. That's leading to addiction if started at a young age.

People who have been on medication since before they can remember probably don't take just one pill anymore. You have a higher chance of getting addicted to prescription medication by the time you're 25 if you have taken at least one pill over 10 years. And you probably think, 10 years is long - not when you start taking the medication when you're five.

What is our society coming to? I can't even get on Facebook without seeing a video of a kid shooting up a school because he was mentally ill with a horrible home life and no friends.

No one gives a flying f*ck about those problems AFTER innocent people have been killed. Those things shouldn't matter after, you need to recognize them before and help the situation any way you can.

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