9 Great Perks That Only RAs Will Understand
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Student Life

9 Great Perks That Only RAs Will Understand

Free room to yourself, and people are forced to be your friend: what's better?

9 Great Perks That Only RAs Will Understand

If you’re considering being a Resident Assistant, there are many pros and cons. If you’re already an RA, you've already felt the vibe. Here are 9 great quirks of being an RA.

1. You get to force people to be your friend (and get paid for it)

It’s so much easier to make friends as an RA. For one, you’re more obligated to talk to the people in your wing, because, well, that’s literally your job. Not only that, but you’re going to be the one who deals with them all semester and helps them whenever need be, so they’ll love to suck up to you.

2. Compensation

Single room. To yourself. For free. Need I say more? Oh, and put cash on top of that. (Don’t make this your only incentive to becoming an RA, though.)

3. You get to sit in your room and call it "working"

This is a 24/7 kind of job; that thought sucks. But, what’s better than sitting on your bed watching Netflix, or doing your homework in your room, and getting to call it “working."

3. People look up to you

In all seriousness, there is nothing better than feeling like you are making a difference. You are a mentor and a role model in these kids' life, and you get to pave the way to their college career.

4. Looks great on a resume

This. Is. Huge. You get to have a fun, childish job, but at the same time still look like you’re absolutely killin' it in the career world.

5. Personal growth

You really do learn many life skills that you may not think you would. Time management, conflict management, and leadership skills. You learn so many vital skills needed in social, personal, and professional aspects. All the while, having fun.

6. You get a ton of free stuff

As if a free room isn't enough, you get tons of other free stuff.. things you probably don’t need. Talk about shirts galore; but, there’s nothing wrong with getting free school gear, so no complaints here.

7. We have the inside scoop on all things campus (and peers)

We know where everything is on campus. Every resource a student may need, we know where it is, and the services they hold. But, we also know all the drama. Yes, we do know that Susan slept with Tom.. so much for my speech about wingcest.

8. RAs have their own little secret world

I don’t know how many times a resident has told me that our Hall Government memes aren’t funny, meanwhile, I’m cracking up at it. Non-RAs don’t understand the RA struggle or the humor that comes with it.

All in all, being an RA has many great perks. Other people may only see the serious perks, things such as resume building and learning life skills; but, they forget that we also get to act like five-year-olds, and host things such as human-size Pacman as an “educational event.” Try it out for yourself, and figure out what perks you like best.

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