5 Quotes For A Life Filled With Positivity
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5 Quotes To Tell Yourself Every Day To Live A Life Full Of Positivity

Quotes can be powerful and can change a person's outlook on life.

5 Quotes To Tell Yourself Every Day To Live A Life Full Of Positivity

I love words. I think they are powerful and can have incredible effects on people. I even have a daily quote box that I bought at Target and use every single day. I like to wake up and see a new inspirational quote on my dresser because it motivates me to go through my day with a positive mindset. Often, I find myself thinking back to the quote throughout the day and remembering to follow it. I have a few quotes that I live by every day and I wanted to share them, in hopes that they might help someone else live a happier life.

1.  “Worrying Does Not Take Away Tomorrow’s Trouble, It Only Takes Away Today’s Peace.”


As someone who gets anxious easily and worries about everything that can possibly go wrong in any situation, this quote calms me down a lot. The quote makes me realize that I can worry all I want, but that that worry will only harm me more and cloud my mind, and that even if I worry a ton, it will not help the situation I am worried about. These words helped me realize that I have to take life one day at a time and not stress out about something I have no control over, because stressing only ruins the moment I am currently in.

2.  “Discipline Is The Bridge Between Goals And Accomplishment.”


No one ever reaches their goals without discipline. I love this quote because it reminds me that accomplishing goals takes a high level of discipline. When I see that my goals are not being accomplished, I think back to this and realize that I need to have more discipline. If you want to do well in a class, you must have discipline and study regularly. If you want to live a healthier lifestyle, you must be disciplined and stick to eating healthy and exercising. Success is only achieved through discipline.

3. “Be Somebody Who Makes Everybody Feel Like A Somebody.”


I think that treating everyone equally is important. You should treat the janitor the same way you treat the boss. Doing this helps others feel good and allows you to spread positivity. Growing up, I was always taught to be respectful to everyone I meet and I think this quote expresses this perfectly.

4.  “Sometimes We Are Tested Not To Show Our Weaknesses, But To Discover Our Strengths.”


Life can be difficult sometimes and certain situations can cause us to change our minds about things. We are tested many times throughout life and sometimes these tests can make us feel like we are weak and should give up, but with these tests, comes a lesson that teaches us what our strengths are and what we should be doing with our lives.

5. “It’s Going To Be Hard, But Hard Does Not Mean Impossible.”


Things can seem so hard at times and they can make you feel like giving up and like what you want to accomplish is impossible, but you should know that nothing is impossible. If your goals will make you happy, you should keep trying to attain them and not go into it with a negative attitude.

I hope these quotes made you think and realize that life can be hard, but it can also be great. Spreading positivity is always something everyone should strive to do and I hope I can do that by sharing these little life mantras I follow.

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