Questions I Need Answered in the Gilmore Girls Revival
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Questions I Need Answered in the Gilmore Girls Revival

Do you have questions about what the episodes are going to cover? I do.

Questions I Need Answered in the Gilmore Girls Revival


Hello fellow Gilmore Girls fans! If you're like me counting down the days until the revival, I bet you have a few questions and expectations as to what the four 90 minute episodes are going to cover. The revival will be released November 25th, on Netflix. If you're not caught up, don't worry. You still have time. Go finish binge watching!!

1. How many years later is it?

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Gilmore Girls ended in 2007. Will the show fast forward to 2016, or take place in 2007/2008? Either way, I'll be watching it. I wouldn't miss this for the world.

2. How will it start?

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There is a page of a script floating around twitter. The script consists of Rory arriving home to Stars Hallow, and Lorelai teasing her about looking perfect after her long flight. I'm interested to see if the show begins with that scene, or another way -- Richard's funeral, maybe?

3. Are there flashbacks?

If the show picks up in 2016, it would be interesting to see what happened in the Gilmore world during the missing years.

4. Are Rory and Lorelai still close?

Before Rory left to follow Obama's 2008 election, her and her mom were as thick as thieves. Will the time apart and the busyness of being on a campaign trail prove to be strenuous on their relationship? I guess we will see. Finger's crossed they're still as close.

5. Who will Rory end up with??

Rory, I feel you. You are me trying to figure this out.

Ah, the great debate. Who will Rory Gilmore end up with? Will it be Dean? Jess? Logan? Maybe someone new? I'm rooting for Logan.

6. What happened to Christopher?

Luke pretty much sums up Christopher's role in Rory's life. He wasn't there for most of it, and Luke was. After all these years, is Christopher involved in Rory's life? Has he remarried? What about Gigi, Rory's half sister- Is she in the picture?

7. Are Doyle and Paris still together?

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I freaking love these two! They are hilarious. Between their funny arguments, couples yoga, boxing and self defense classes, I can't get enough. They are constantly competing with each other and getting on one another's nerves. Overall, they can tolerate the other, when most people find them annoying.

8. The Wedding.

Rumor has it that there will be one wedding in the revival. Will it be Luke & Lorelai? Maybe Rory's, or perhaps Kirk and Lulu? Praying that this is real and not a fan based rumor.

9. Who is Mr. Kim?

Throughout the seven seasons of GG, Mr. Kim has not made an appearance... is he alive? Mrs. Kim and Lane have never discussed him and we haven't seen pictures around their home. You have to admit, as overbearing (and dare I say borderline crazy) Mrs. Kim can be, she is hilarious and makes up for the absence of Mr. Kim- whoever he is.

10. Luke's Diner

Has Luke opened another restaurant or franchised "Luke's Diner" like Richard suggested? But most importantly, does Luke's still have the best coffee in town?

11. What is Jess's book about?

Has he written a sequel? Did the book make it on the New York Time's Best Seller's list?? So many questions! Please, oh please let the writers give us more info on this!

12. How's Logan?

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Last we heard, Logan was asking Rory to marry him and move to California. I have a ton of questions about his life. Does he like California? Is he living in the house he had in mind for him and Rory? Has he met anyone new or is he still hoping that one day him and Rory will end up together? If he and Rory (knock-on-wood) do not end up together, did Logan and Rory ever rekindle their relationship?

13. Which Gilmore Girl is the coffee queen?

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These two sure do drink a ton of coffee. Hopefully the revival will show us who the ultimate Gilmore girl coffee champ is. My money is on Rory. After all, Logan did rent the Yale coffee cart for the day, to follow her around.

I have what seems like an endless amount of questions for the revival. Keep an eye out for part two. Let me know in the comments below who your favorite character is, your thoughts on the revival and what you hope happens.

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