'Princess Diaries' Is A Crowd Favorite

On January 25th, Anne Hathaway confirmed that:

1) There is a script for The Princess Diaries 3

2) Your favorite characters are returning such as Julia Andrews as Queen Clarisse Renaldi.

3) And yes we have a producer: Debra Martin Chase has signed up to make this just as magical as the other two we all have grown to love and adore.

So since we do have to wait for the third one to become perfect, we will have to settle with rewatching 1 & 2 and think about what we want to see in the upcoming film.

What We Loved:

Shut Up

Now let's go back to the very first movie, we can all remember this moment. Imagine you are being told you are a princess, how would you act? Telling your grandmother to "Shut Up" is probably not the way. I think we love this seen because of the over exaggeration or just the look on the queens face when she is told to "Shut up."

You Broke My Brush

Who doesn't remember the iconic scene:

Mia: "You broke my glass."

Pablo: "Well you broke my brush."

Plus, everyone loves a good makeover.

I'm A Freak

Things got real when this princess found her voice, I felt so proud, anyone else feel proud of our princess?

The Queen Is Never Late

If only we were all queens then we would never be late to work or school. A girl can dream, right? I just love how someone thinks it's okay to tell the queen she is late, she comes back with a witty yet true comeback.

Princess Diaries 2 - Mattress Surfing 

Now tell me I wasn't the only one who wanted to go mattress surfing. I don't think I really need to describe why we loved it, just grab a mattress and find a grand staircase and find out for yourself.

Princess Diaries 2 - Your Crowning Glory

By far my favorite scene. JULIA ANDREWS CAN SING. Yes, we have seen her other films like Sound of Music, but something about when your favorite actresses sing in a Dinsey movie makes it so much more magical.

Princess Diaries 2 - Archery 

Don't get in this princesses way you might get hurt. Not everyone can be a Katniss Everdeen.

So What Do Went To See In The Princess Diaries 3:

How about a royal baby? Another Royal Wedding with Mia? Remember, at the end of Royal Engagement the Queen did get married to the bodyguard.

Perhaps the third movie will be closer to the plots in the novels, which the second movie was not based on at all. Maybe if Chris Pine isn't down to return, we will have Michael make an appearance? Or a new love interest altogether?

The possibilities are endless. With the majority of our expectations lowered from the sequel, we can only hope that Marshall and Hathaway collaborate to make sure all the 20-something girls who loved the original movie 15 years ago are not disappointed.

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