Get Lost in the Music With Beat’s Latest Bluetooth Headphones
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Get Lost in the Music With Beat’s Latest Bluetooth Headphones

By: James McDonald |

Get Lost in the Music With Beat’s Latest Bluetooth Headphones

Released on March 18, 2020, the PowerBeats are the latest revolutionary addition to the Beats family in its affordable price range of less than $150. Combining the greatest features from the Powerbeats Pro and past models, the Powerbeats are the ideal high-performance headphone for your active and everyday life that come in three bold colors: black, white, and red.

They match the advanced engineering of the PowerBeats Pro: a classic sleek and stylish design with snug-tight ear hooks that unlike Airpods, never made me concerned about them falling out of my ear during my various activities.

Included in the box are four sets of ear tips which helped create a custom fit and feel for my ear resulting in optimal sound and comfort, a carrying case to protect the headphones on my daily travels, and Beat's signature fast fuel lighting cable, allowing me to get an hour's worth of listening time after a rapid five-minute charge. The Powerbeats feature an unbelievable battery life, allowing up to 15 hours of listening on a single charge in comparison to the Powerbeats Pro of only 9 hours.

They are even sweat and water-resistant, allowing me to wear the headphones anytime no matter the conditions.

The set-up process for the Powerbeats was exceedingly easy. All I needed to do was simply take the headphones out of the box, go to the Bluetooth settings on my iPhone, and press the power button on the left ear hook. After the short initial process, the headphones paired to my phone instantly every time I needed to wear them with its class one Bluetooth capability and built-in H1 chip for a seamless pairing experience between my iPhone and other electronic devices.

These headphones were the perfect addition while calling friends and family, with multiple dual-beaming microphones to target my voice for crisp dialogue with extended range resulting in fewer call dropouts. On my walk through the neighborhood this week, I was able to pick up calls without my phone by pressing the beats logo and adjust the call volume via the right ear hook. For hands-free controls, I could also use the "hey Siri" feature which was a huge help when I did not feel like having the hassle of taking my phone out of my pocket during my various activities.

I tested out the sound quality, listening to everything from Lil Uzi Vert's Eternal Atake to the soft, dreamy melodies on Mac Miller's Circle's and was fascinated with how phenomenal the quality of sound is. While the headphones aren't completely noise-canceling, the Powerbeats provided the perfect amount of acoustics and ambient noise to make me attentive to my surroundings on my daily runs. While listening to Travis Scott's Jackboys in my office, I got lost in the music, which made my work much more enjoyable. What blew me away about the Powerbeats is that they match the vibrant and powerful acoustics as the Pro's.

With stunning battery life, a stylish design, and advanced acoustics, the Powerbeats offer something special for everyone. 9.5/10

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