I think we often forget how good it can be to support each other and inspire one another as fellow women.

There have been so many times where another woman has turned their back on me, treated me badly, didn't want to help me achieve my goals, etc. I always wondered why so many of us women wanted to be the only one on top.

Although it's not all, of course, there is a decent amount of us that are like that. I don't know if it's because we have to work so much harder to gain success and don't want to give up our "secrets," or if it's because many of us were never taught specifically how to cherish the bond between women by helping each other.

I talked about something similar, concerning men, in my sociology class. It was about how men are usually taught and socialized to deal with their emotions through anger and violence. It was all about how they were taught, and about how society perceives them.

In many movies, they always show the women who're a successful boss as someone considered as a bitch. Then there are the ones that show women as bitter and hateful people because they aren't successful or living the life they want.

I experienced something similar to this topic recently. I reached out to another black woman, whose occupation and business are the exact same things that I want to do, for help. Instead of given help, I was told that maybe I can receive a phone call in about a month when she's not as busy. She also told me to just follow her on Instagram, to watch her stories, for the time being.

I was understanding, so I waited. I even reached out again just in case that person forgot, and she still acted uninterested in helping me. It actually hurt a little bit because I wasn't asking for anything more than just a small phone call to give me some advice regarding her journey to success.

I wasn't asking for a mentor or one on one help. I was simply asking for a short phone call and a few tips. I couldn't even receive that! To make matters worse, this woman was related to me.

At this moment, I realized a lot about how people can be once they receive their success, and how some can no longer care about others.

It also made me realize what I need to do in order to NOT be like that!

As seen on Facebook, "Be the woman who fixes another woman's crown without letting the whole world know it was crooked in the first place."