Portraits See People Better Than We Do

Portraits See People Better Than We Do

It is a record of a person at a certain time in their life


When people ask me what kind of photography I want to do or what is my favorite, I always say portraits. The reason I say portraits is you get to get creative with them. Whether it is fashion photography, business portraits or portraits that show who they are. The main reason is the people.

People are unique and interesting. Taking portraits almost guarantees a different photo every time because everyone is different. Every human is unique in their own way and they all have a story. Portrait photography has the ability to tell that person's story within a couple of pictures. It is almost like the camera lens sees the person better than you do.

Photos are used to capture moments and with portraits, it can capture people. It also allows you to get to know the person. The best way to take portraits is to build the customer rapport because the picture will be better if they trust you. If people let you in they relax more in their portraits and you see more of them. Their smile is more genuine and they aren't stiff. Taking portraits also allows you to meet different people that you probably wouldn't meet if you weren't a photographer.

I love portrait photography because I love to show the uniqueness of people. Every person can be photogenic when they are comfortable. Every human is beautiful and can take beautiful photos; even when they think they aren't photogenic, they are. Their photo is going to show who they are which means it will be a beautiful photo.

When it comes to my photography I hope to increase my talent in portraits and work with different lights and other equipment but most importantly I want to meet more people and take pictures of more people. I want to push my boundaries and find different ways to take pictures and tell peoples stories through their faces.

With portraits, you can also chose to make whatever kind of pictures you want using people. You can create fantasy portraits and dark portraits. Christian Sampson created portraits that represent mental illnesses that was amazing and took portraits to a whole new level. With that kind of photography, you really need to get to know the people and I would like to do deep photography like that.

Portraits allow you to use your creativity and it allows a piece of you to show along with the person you are taking a picture of. To me, it is one of the most unique types of photography because every picture can look different, just like every person is different. Photography means a lot to me because it is a part of me but it is also a way to show pieces of other people. Everyone deserves to be noticed and portraits do that, it notices a deeper part of you than you are used to being noticed.

A portrait is a record of you at a certain time in your life which makes the photograph really special.

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10 VSCO Presets That Make You Look Tan As All Heck

Because come on, we can't all be sun kissed while also working 40 hours a week.


I don't know about you, but I cannot seem to get to the golden shade that I so desperately want. Think I'm silly all you want, but being tan makes me more confident. Now, working 40 hours a week, during prime sun hours doesn't exactly help this dilemma, so I have taken the matter into my own hands. These are a few of the VSCO Filter pre-sets that make me feel just as sun-kissed and stunning as I aspire to be, from the comfort of my cubicle.

1. E8 +8, Contrast +1, Temperature -1, Saturation -1, H. Tint Magenta +3

2. HB2 +7, Contrast -1, Exposure -1, Temperature +0.5, Saturation +1, Fade +1.5, Grain +4

3. C8 +12, Exposure -2, Saturation -2/+2, Grain +3 (Optional)

4. C1 +12, Fade +4, Contrast +2, Exposure +2, Saturation -2, Tint +3

5. A4 +7, Exposure -2, Contrast +1.7, Temperature +1.7, Tint +1.0, Saturation -2.0, Skin tone -1.0

6. M3 +12, Temperature -1, Contrast +2, Saturation -1/+1

7. E3 +12, Temperature -1, Saturation -2, Skin -2

8. HB1 +8, Exposure -1, Temperature -1

9. C1 +12, Exposure -1, Contrast +2, Temperature +2, Saturation -2, Skin Tone -3

10. G1 +8, Exposure -2, Contrast +2, Saturation +2, Temperature -1, Fade +2

Cover Image Credit:

Erika Glover

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If Someone Is Serving You With Their Art, You Need To Pay Them

No, it's not for free.


Okay, so, I used to have a thing for photography. I still do! But, it's more of a hobby for me, and I don't really do photoshoots with anybody because I don't see my photography as being something I want to charge people for. It's just something I like doing, and I don't rely on it for any of my income.


I have plenty of friends that are obsessed with things like photography and have developed their skills so much that they have the ability to charge people for their artwork and build, essentially, a business of their own. Their photography is really good, too!

If you know anything about photography as well, you also know that every photographer has a different sense of style. Someone who's a street photographer isn't going to take photos that look the same as someone who prefers to take photos of special events like wedding or quinceañeras.

That photography? Is art. And you pay for art.

I don't know how many times my friends have told me stories of people who don't want to pay them for taking photographs of them. If not that, they argue that the prices for being photographed are too high. That's insane to me.

Do people not know that it takes time and effort to create art? Someone who's photographing you is working to provide a service to you, and somehow the thought of paying them is an issue? Ridiculous!

People pour their hearts and souls into their artwork, and asking someone to do it for free or for extraordinarily cheap, is totally rude. It doesn't matter if they're your friend either, that just makes it even ruder to suggest they don't deserve to be paid for their efforts.

Pay your friends. Pay artists. Tip them. Compliment their work and share their information with friends and family so you can help them have new clients, and support their business. Just as you would pay someone for fixing your car, or painting your house, pay your artists for taking time out of their day to provide their service to you.

It seems like it would be common sense, but from looking at social media and seeing how people refuse to pay "too much" for "amateur" artists, it seems like it's not as common as I thought. I don't know how many times I've scrolled through Twitter and seen screenshots of people telling nail techs that their prices for the most gorgeous nails were too high. HOW?

Or people criticizing the prices of local caterers. It's ridiculous.

If you afford the service in the first place, maybe reconsider even booking a photo shoot with someone at all. Maybe reconsider getting your nails done? People don't have the time to spend hours of their day providing a service to you for you to not want to reward them for their work.

Shop local. Buy from your friends. Support small businesses. Most of all?


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