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Poetry on Odyssey: Your Love

It's hard to love someone who hates you. They say they love you and that they'd give you the world, but how can they do that when their hands are wrapped around your throat?

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One thing that I was told while growing up, is to treat others how you would treat yourself. But when that love is mistreated, and you're still giving out the same type of love from the very beginning, I believe that it would tie to go to leave that relationship. This poem is about the obsession and blindness that can come with love and how you can also become trapped by its aura.


I ain't eva had a love like this.
You make me sick.

It's stupid.

No other lover will ever be as good as this.

That flavor's bright and new.
Oh baby, you got me twisted in a bind.
I don't think I can get enough of you.
You're slicker than an eel with my hands wrapped around you,
A boa as you wrap and constrict yourself around me.

Your hand brings me closer to you.
Your arms to pin me to your chest.
I couldn't breathe,
And my body stiffened with those electrifying touches.
My once doting eyes of flatter,
Widen in terror.

Your body lets loose.
It springs away from me,
My body freshly burned.

You return once more.

An answer to my yearning,
Cool to the touch of your hand.
A balm against my singed flesh,
And we spoon once again.

First time, I couldn't remember a better place.
Second time, I thought you disposable.
Third time, I realized I loved you.
Now I don't think I'll ever get rid of you.

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