Poetry On Odyssey: The Cruel Reality We Call Fate

Some things are just not meant to be.

In another time or under another circumstance, it might have been.

It could have been.

But at this time and place, it's not meant to be.

We don't meet people by accident.

They cross our paths for a reason.

For whatever reason two people come together,

And care about each other more than words can express.

All they want is to be together,

And to be happy,

And to love each other.

But the universe has a different path chosen for them.

A path that leads them away from each other.

And wants them to be apart,

Not together.

And it doesn't allow them to be together.

Fate doesn't ask you what you want,

But it knows what is best for you.

Even if you don't.

It's cruel.

It's harsh.

It hurts.

But sometimes you just have to accept it.

Accept fate.

Your fate.

His fate.

The fate of being apart.

Even though your heart wants something else.

Sometimes it's not meant to be.

It can't be.

There is no reason.

Except it's what fate wants.

Sometimes you have to accept what fate wants,

and not what you want.

Sometimes you have to step back,

And walk away.

And make fate happy.

While fate makes you sad.

With tears in your eyes and pain in your heart,

You walk away.


Looking back as you go,

And letting fate win.

But fate can't take away

Your memories.

Your feelings.

And all that meant something.

And it can't take away your hope.

And maybe,

If you wait long enough,

Fate could have a way of changing.

Because what is meant to be will be.

And maybe, just maybe,

Your fate could change.

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