Poetry On The Odyssey: Relationship Closed and Other Poems
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Poetry On The Odyssey: Relationship Closed and Other Poems

The stages of a post-breakup as told by my melodramatic ass.

Poetry On The Odyssey: Relationship Closed and Other Poems
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Relationship Closed

I'm not one to be paired

With a laundry list of ladies

You have made a listless woman of me

I will not sleaze for your pleasure

And the sleepless nights now seem like

Wastes of precious fleeting seconds

Thank you for making me whole

Then meticulously carving me open

Keeping the fruit, Spitting out seeds

I will never know what you needed

I could never give you what you needed

So consider me, considering this closed


There will be a day

That these bricks that caused me to drown

Will crumble and all will be restored

Pain is just a phase you inflicted on me

Through your layered actions.

Actions that have me treading water,

trying to catching my breath,

choking on salt in the back of my throat.

I will untie the rope that hangs

Like a leash on my ankle

Bury these bricks

And swim


It's hard to find solace most of these days,

But I found her.

She lies in the healthiest fields of green

Where mistakes are forgiven

And nothing is questioned

She wraps her arms around me

And her warm breath strokes my ear

"Let it rest" she whispers

I listen to her words

and accept this present

She's hard to find,

But she is mine

And you will never find her.

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