Poetry On Odyssey: The Conditions Of A Migraine
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Poetry On Odyssey: The Conditions Of A Migraine

Battling migraines has always been my toughest fight.

Poetry On Odyssey: The Conditions Of A Migraine

Fluorescent lights blind me

Even daylight seems like the brightest spotlight only shining on me

The small lamp on my bedside is now a lighthouse

And I'm the last boat coming to shore

Every small sound becomes a thunderous boom

The ticking of a clock

Which most barely notice

Suddenly becomes its own cacophony

Each new sound is a jackhammer pulsating on my head

No amount of earplugs can drown out the noise of my own heavy breathing

I could move to Antarctica with the amount of ice I need to cool down my body

But it still wouldn't take away the horrendous sound of ice cubes clanking together

Darkness quickly becomes my new best friend

A feat hard to accomplish in the middle of an Arizona summer

Thick curtains and blinds are truly my saving grace

Medication lasts for at least three hours if you're lucky

Give it a little more time and I have to re-dose

Don't get me started on the nausea

Do you know what it's like to not be able to keep water down?

The amount of pain I endure is unparalleled to anything I've felt before

This is what happens when I get a migraine

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