The 9 Best Places To Eat In Pullman
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The 9 Best Places To Eat In Pullman, WA

Experience the best flavors in Pullman.

The 9 Best Places To Eat In Pullman, WA

Although the small town of Pullman doesn't have much, like a decent mall, a Costco, a TARGET! We do have several great restaurants here and around the Palouse that offer some of the best modern dining experiences in eastern Washington.

The Black Cypress

This is personally one of my favorites. There's nothing like fine dining and this Greek and Italian style menu offers a unique spin on dishes like pasta carbonara, clams, roasted chicken, market steak, grilled portabella, pasta amatriciana, and other featured dishes. Located in downtown Pullman, the Black Cypress is the perfect place for any formal occasion, celebration, or a quick drink at its fine bar.

Porch Light Pizza

Way better than Mod. This locally owned restaurant in Pullman has some of the best artisanry style pizza and fresh salads I've ever had, and it's defiantly a favorite among the students here at WSU. It's a quick eat, sit down, take out, type place. It's casual, serves drinks, and is open for lunch and dinner. Its menu is small but you can also create your own, it's options range from original toppings like pepperoni to things like mushrooms, artichokes, basil, peanut sauce, cilantro, pulled pork, balsamic, pesto, and buffalo sauce. This is the perfect spot for a quick bite

South Fork Public House

This modern bar and grill serve pub style foods like sandwiches, burgers, soups, salads, pasta, fish and chips, and grilled chicken along with popular beer and wine pairings. They also offer seasonal beer tastings. Owned by one of WSU's Hospitality and Business Management professors, the restaurant is a popular place of business where many students spend their time.

Foundry Kitchen & Cocktail

The Foundry is a popular place for meals and afternoon studies. The multi-cuisine restaurant offers meals like burgers and sandwiches, ribeye, pork chops, jambalaya pasta, lamb, chicken pot pie, tortellini, and salads. Their signature drinks are a major attraction, unique mixes of sparkling red and white wines, champagne cocktails, martinis and more! This Pullman establishment is fairly new, but it's always busy and has great indoor and outdoor seating options.

Rico's Public House

This is by far one of the most unique, and oldest restaurants here in Pullman. It's a cozy environment that was established way back in 1909. The American style pub is decked out with old school decoration and beer taps, they offer events throughout the week that include open mic night, trivia night, live music, and weekend breakfast. This is one of the more popular spots for students to go for a meal, to study, play pool, listen to music, and take part in Tuesday night trivia. The restaurant serves hot sandwiches and burgers, seafood, salads, and serves all locally made craft and import beers, wine, and top shelf liquor.

Oasis Teriyaki

While this is less a restaurant and more a take-out kind of establishment, Oasis is still the most recommended teriyaki joint in Pullman. It's defiantly my favorite. Offering all assortments of teriyaki, hot and spicy chicken, tofu, spicy pork, pho cuisine, spring rolls, egg rolls, and yakisoba. The restaurant is just across the way from the Foundry, in downtown Pullman and offers quick service for a sit-down or take-out experience.

Tin Tan's Taco's

If you don't know or haven't been to Tin Tan's, your probably not actually a WSU student. Located just below the most popular bar on WSU Pullman campus, this Mexican restaurant is excelling among the rest. While there are other popular options, this one has the best location by far, offers a cheap and delicious menu, and is right next to the bar on Greek row where thousands of students spend their time and their nights out. Offering classic Mexican dishes like tacos, burritos, quesadillas, taco salads, and Mexican soda, Tin Tan's is the best place to pick up your late night snack.

Sangria Grille

If you haven't experienced all the flavors of this Peruvian style restaurant then you need to make a reservation. Located in Moscow Idaho, just across the street from the University of Idaho and 20 minutes from WSU, Sangria sources ingredients from over 25 local farmers, ranchers and artisans whose products are used to make dishes like ceviche, empanadas, clams, calamari, shrimp, avocado wraps, soups and salads, and entrees like Peruvian roasted chicken, steak Picante, Peruvian paella, risotto, a Peruvian style burger, pasta, fish, steak, and seasonal specials. The bar is also a highlight of this Peruvian restaurant as even the cocktails they offer are exciting. An assortment of Latin-inspired and crafted drinks, using herbs, local fruits, and South American spirits. The wine menu features some of the best and most popular options in the Pacific Northwest and also has imports from Chile and Argentina.

Tapped - Tap-house & Kitchen

Tapped is a popular American style restaurant in Moscow Idaho that serves seasonal dishes, 25 + northwest craft beers, and rotating wines. Serving entrees and sides like sandwiches and burgers, soups and salads, the restaurant also holds weekly events like tap takeovers twice a month to introduce new beers and wines.

Something to keep in mind when considering your night out in this little town on the Palouse is that while there aren't many places to go, they all offer high quality tasty and delicious options. Pullman may not have much to offer other than the university and its attractions but when it comes to food there are plenty of great options for us here and around the Palouse.

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