Personally Challenging The Stigma On Female Outfits
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Personally Challenging The Stigma On Female Outfits

You never know who you are going to meet or interact with on any given day.

Personally Challenging The Stigma On Female Outfits

It is a common argument at a lot of campuses that the female students wear very revealing clothing to classes. The cause of this could be that when at college, we are not being advised by our parents anymore. Especially when living on campus, there is no one there to tell us that something might be unnecessarily revealing. Everyone gets to wear whatever they feel like, and some really take advantage of that. Of course, there are always some people that take their clothing choices too far, but that is really their own choice, right? In the end, it is really none of other peoples' business how others dress. I wish to challenge this stigma and prove people wrong. Now, I am not a fashion guru, and I do not have a ton of clothes. I am proving that not all women wear inappropriate clothing to classes at college. All pictures are my own.

Day 1: Monday

The weather was rainy and mid 60's.

First, I would like to point out my cat socks. They are just a quirky part of my style. But on to the entire outfit, this was very comfy yet presentable at the same time. No one likes Mondays, and most of us probably wish we were still sleeping instead of attending class. Therefore many people like to wear pajamas or sweatpants to class in the name of comfort, or they do not even care to make an effort. Either way, this outfit is demonstrating that I, too, enjoy going to class entirely comfortable, but also being presentable to my professors, my peers, and anyone I might encounter on campus.

Day 2: Tuesday

The weather was cold, high 60's

I love putting my cat socks on after a day full of classes and work! This is a great representation of what is normally worn on campus. The classic jeans and t-shirt. Not as high comfort as Monday's outfit, but I was still comfy all day. There are no rips in my jeans, nor is my shirt see through or exposing. It took me almost a whole minute to pick this outfit this morning, which enabled me to sleep in extra! In my own opinion, I do not need to spend an hour in the a.m. picking out the perfect outfit when I can still look presentable and get a little extra sleep.

Day 3: Wednesday

The Weather was rainy and the high for the day was 58.

I feel like I am just going to reiterate everything I said on Tuesday. Today was all about keep warm during the cold weather and during the time outside walking to classes. I will keep this short and simple just by saying that showing off school spirit and a nice pair of jeans cannot go wrong when preparing a good outfit.

Day 4: Thursday

The weather was pouring rain all day, chilly enough to wear a jacket as well.

Today was a special day (*looks at the different pair of cats socks that I am wearing*). There was a career fair at the college today so, of course, I needed to look professional for the employers! I will not go on a long, repetitive rant about business professional clothing choices, but it is important. As simple as I can put it, simple is a very powerful and mindful style. During college, I believe we do have to opportunity to have comfy days, but at the same time, we are transitioning into a time where we work all the time. I use days like today to experiment with what I want my working style to look like. This entire outfit has been used multiple times for professional development, and each piece is versatile by itself without breaking the bank. Mostly, I just want to let people know that looking nice and presentable can be easy and cost effective, even on a college student budget.

Day 5: Friday

The weather was chilly and misting rain all day.


In college, if you are lucky, you do not have any classes on Fridays. I am one of those fortunate people that do not have any classes on Friday! Although it is a lazy day, I did work at both of my jobs today, which are on campus. Basically, I would describe this presentation as comfy and representative of my school.

Overall, I just want to remind readers that I am no fashion guru, nor do I have this massive amount of clothes, which girls stereotypically have. I think of myself as a regular college student just trying to make it through each day. However, I do have self-expectations to be presentable every day. I have learned throughout the three years here at college, you never know who you are going to meet or interact with on any given day. Even if I am wearing jeans and t-shirt, I could possibly run into the president of the school (which happens a lot here at LTU), so I make sure the outfit is presentable.

I can really only speak for myself, but just by observation, majority of the females on campus wear outfits similar to the range shown in the pictures throughout this post. It is not fair to say that the women on campuses wear leggings every day along with some kind of super-tight or revealing top. In reality, most women, at least here at Lawrence Tech, wear appropriate clothing when attending classes and campus events.

As soon as we stop demonizing and sexualizing each other, the world will become a better place.

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