Personality Innate Every Individual

Personality Is Something That Is Innate And Develops Over Time

Life would have been increasingly boring if the seeds of diversity and individuality weren't planted into the personalities of many people.

People resemble onions in the sense that once you start peeling onions, you are unraveling multiple layers i.e. diverse personalities. Whenever I catch a slight glimpse of onions, images of numerous people and their characteristics enter the picture.

If we can pry away the layers of fear, apprehension, and apathy with the cleaver of curiosity, as we venture deeper into our own self to try and answer these questions, we will also know how to have a closer and constructive relationship with others. Peel away the crust of dissimulation and distress, pare away the core of confusion and emotional burden and throw away the rinds of self-importance and egotism. The love for the Self that will emerge will envelop all relationships that are worthwhile to our Life Path. The remainder will fall away easily.

Almost every day we describe and assess the personalities of the people around us.

"She has such a great personality," you might say about a friend.

"He gets his personality from his dad," you might say about your rambunctious son.

We are products of multiple personalities and have unique aspects of embracing the life that sets us apart from others. As a matter of fact, some of our personalities might not be a direct result from genetics and we would turn out to be extremely different from our parents or siblings. For instance, one person might be introvert and bookish whereas their sibling could be the exact opposite. Such contrasting personalities are commonly prominent in almost all families and this is why our world is evolving into such a richly intricate atmosphere.

Learning about various personalities is something that I find immense happiness in because it enables me to understand the labyrinthine reasons behind the onset of such unique personalities. You will never know why a person is like how they appear in person because you are usually not aware of their upbringing and lifestyle. Personality wise, I'm more outgoing and friendly than most of my other friends. Luckily, most of my friends have elaborately exposed me to distinct ways of approaching life on a broader context. As I have made many friends during my college years and still am, I have learned about their personal and professional struggles which have successfully molded them into how they are today! Experience plays a huge role in changing personalities and adding valuable insight into the way you start to approach life.

Another aspect of personality that I have witnessed is that personalities are never set in stone for everyone and are mostly subject to change. Many of the people in my family and social life went through PTSD along with multiple tragedies that have tremendously altered their way of life and personality. Indeed, the levels of nadir that people suffer from ultimately pave the way for their self-discovery and beyond. Honestly, life would have been increasingly boring if the seeds of diversity and individuality weren't planted into the personalities of many people! It is incredible to live in a highly diverse world where you can always strive to enhance your versatility as a person!

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