12 Winter Date Ideas You And Your Significant Other Should Already Have Planned
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12 Winter Date Ideas You And Your Significant Other Should Already Have Planned

You might be wondering what you can do with your significant other without spending your entire savings account.

12 Winter Date Ideas You And Your Significant Other Should Already Have Planned

It is that time of year again. Fall comes to a close, winter begins, and the holiday season kicks into full swing. With the holiday season usually comes spending outrageous amounts of money on anything and everything. You might be wondering what you can do with your significant other without spending your entire savings account. Here are some perfect, and inexpensive, winter date ideas.

1. Movie Night

By far my favorite. The perfect way to spend a cold winter night is to snuggle up with your SO at home, watch a movie, sip on hot chocolate, and snack on some popcorn.

2. Build A Blanket Fort

A great way to escape your adult problems and act like a little kid again. Besides, after you build the blanket fort together, you can cuddle inside together to escape the cold weather outside.

3. Go Ice Skating

Doesn't matter if you, your significant other, or both can't actually skate. It still guarantees a fun time and lots of laughs. Even if you both slip and fall a lot, it is sure to make you smile and create another great memory together.

4. Build A Gingerbread House

With the holidays so close, every store has Gingerbread house building sets. They are relatively inexpensive, and the perfect excuse to spend some time together.

5. Bake Cookies

Or any sweet treat you guys love, I just love cookies. Get a roll of pre-made cookie dough or use an old family recipe and enjoy baking some delicious cookies. And of course, after baking you guys can enjoy eating your treats together because who doesn't have a little sweet tooth during the holidays?

6. Wrap Presents

Personally, I love wrapping presents and make a big deal out of it. Blast some Christmas music (or any music really), grab some wrapping paper and gifts, and enjoy some time with your SO.

7.Build A Snowman

Another throwback to your childhood years. Building a snowman was an essential part of the winter season. So pick up a cheap hat and scarf, twigs, and a carrot to build the perfect snowman.

8. Snowball Fight

Usually follows building a snowman.

9. Make Snow Angels

Usually follows a snowball fight.

10. See A Play or Musical

It doesn't have to be at the most expensive theater, but even a small town play gives you a chance to dress up fancy and have a fun date night. Maybe pair it with a nice dinner or a nice walk through the city.

11. Cook Dinner Together

It's a nice change of pace from take-out or fast food, and even if it is a simply pasta dinner, the act of cooking together is fun and romantic. Plus, you get a delicious meal out of it

12. Go See Lights Displays

Most towns will put up beautiful and impressive lights displays and decorations all around downtown or nearby parks. Bundle up against the cold air and go for a walk to explore the lights. Or, go for a drive and see all those crazy neighbors who go ALL OUT with their decorations (you know the kind I'm talking about).

That’s all the cute ideas I have, BUT, no matter what you do, just keep in mind the holiday spirit. It isn't all about finding the most expensive gift or spending huge amounts of money on frivolous things or planning the most extravagant date.This time of year is supposed to be spent surrounded by loved ones in celebration of each other and the holidays. So, while big gifts and fancy dates are wonderful, the little things are even more so.

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