8 Things All Of Us With A Southern Accent Are Tired Of Hearing

8 Things All Of Us With A Southern Accent Are Tired Of Hearing

Y'all, cut it out.

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Wow! Your accent is so cute! *insert eye roll here*

If you have a little bit of southern twang in your speech, you know exactly what I am talking about. You can be having a perfectly casual conversation then suddenly your pal from "up yonder" a.k.a. "the North" comments on that wonderful thing called southern drawl.

From a small survey of my co-contributors, several of them instantly were able to share comments they have received from friends and strangers alike. So giddy up and roll your eyes with us at these cringe-worthy comments I am sure you have heard.

1. "Your accent is so cute!"

Really? Tell me more.

2. "Are you from Texas?"

Sorry y'all... I'm from Oklahoma, I had to. #GoPokes

3. "Can you say that again?

No, can you listen the first time?

4. "You sound funny."

Well pal, you sound a little funny to me too.

5."You must be a hillbilly."

Wrong, wrong, and wrong.

6. "Ain't is not a word..."

I ain't going to quit saying "ain't". End of story.

7. "...neither is y'all"

Once again, yes, yes it is. Y'all are crazy.

8. "Southern accents are hot. ;)"

*major eye roll on this one* We know.

Other comments that didn't appear as often as the ones above, but are equally as valid include:

"Wash rag? You mean wash cloth?"

"You're a hick."

"You must be a southern belle."

"You better learn to cover up that accent, or you'll never get a job."

"You sound dumb."

Regardless of the comments, what is the biggest thing they have in common? All of us with an accent are TIRED OF HEARING THEM.

Yes, we southerners do tend to have a little bit of a stronger drawl, but we have accents and we are proud! We may talk a little more slowly and a little more sweetly, but there truly isn't much better than some good southern charm.

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