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To All The Megyn Kellys In The World, You Do Not Get To 'Wear' My Skin Color For Your Entertainment

It's 2018 and yes, black face is still offensive.

To All The Megyn Kellys In The World, You Do Not Get To 'Wear' My Skin Color For Your Entertainment

The fact that blackface being debated as to whether it is offensive or not in the year of 2018 is beyond mind-boggling.

What's even more strange to me is that people of non-color try to dictate or decide what people of color, especially black people, are allowed to be offended by. As a beautiful quote once read: "When a person tells you they hurt you, you don't get to decide that you didn't." So, please tell me why the African American community has made countless pleas for this to be stopped, yet it continues.

Then when we surface with anger and animosity, it's heard loud and clear but our cries go ignored.

On October 23rd, 2018, NBC host of the Megyn Kelly Today, Megyn Kelly, expressed her thoughts on blackface for Halloween costumes, in short calling it acceptable. Kelly's defense of blackface was disappointing but not shocking as she's often made comments about race on air and expressed her views clearly. Kelly said during her childhood period that people doing blackface was okay as long as it was "like, for a character." She began her thoughts with, "What is racist?"

Sit with that for a moment.

How beautiful privilege must be for a middle-aged white wealthy woman to ask in 2018: "What is racist?"

While I can imagine it may be a difficult concept for you to grasp as it has never directly affected you, to darken your skin to "reflect" mine for a character is nothing short of a mockery.

Mrs.Kelly, id you find blackface okay for Halloween, do you find it okay on other occasions too?

If not, if it's offensive or hurtful any other day of the year (which it is) why would this particular day be any different? There is nothing flattering or respectable about mocking someone's skin color. For it to even be slightly justified is despicable. I'm unsure as to where or how you were raised that this was considered "okay when I was a kid."

Even increasing the benefit of the doubt here; even if this was the case and child version of you saw nothing wrong that your mind and views hadn't evolved by 47 years old. Especially in a time where racial tensions are so high. When movements like Black Lives Matter are ignored and ridiculed. Let me tell you why blackface is offensive and racist. You do not get to "wear" my skin color for your entertainment. It is not an accessory and you cannot use it for aesthetic purposes to get the "full effect".

You don't want to be "black" or "black faced" when you get pulled over, go into job interviews, walk down the street, eat, breathe, sleep. Doing anything while black basically means there is a continuous target on your back. But it doesn't matter to you, because you don't have to live this life daily and you don't want to.

But on behalf of black folk, we are tired of people expressing their views and recanting their statements because they have negative consequences. You aren't sorry. This isn't a gaffe, this is your wholehearted belief.

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