Top 5 Things I Want To Accomplish In Life
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Top 5 Things I Want To Accomplish In Life

This is my bucket list.

Top 5 Things I Want To Accomplish In Life
Stranger in This Town

Whenever someone asks me what I have on my bucket list, I never know how to respond. There are so many things I want to accomplish in life, but sometimes I never think about each thing specifically. The following are my top five things on my bucket list (in no specific order)

1. Travel to all 7 continents

This is a pretty generic bucket list item. I love traveling and it would be amazing to say I’ve set foot in ever continent, including Antartica. If money wasn’t such a big deal, I’d do this in a heartbeat!

2. Marry the man of my dreams

Yes, super cheesy, but everyone wants to spend the rest of their lives with someone they cherish and love. I want my guy to treat me right and take care of me “till death do us part”.

3. Attend a FIFA World Cup

I love football and everything about it. If I had the opportunity to attend or even work at a World Cup, it would be such a great feeling. I’d be cheering loud and proud!

4. Donate a kidney or part of my liver

Weird thing to have on a bucket list, but if it means I’d be saving a life, I’d do it in a heartbeat! I’m already an organ donor, but I think it would be a fulfilling experience to be alive and donate. There is always a need for donors!

5. Visit an elephant orphanage

Elephants are the most gentle and emotional creatures on our planet. If I got to spend time taking care of them and learning more about them, I would be an even bigger advocate. My dad has visited one in Kenya (jealous!).

So, what’s on your bucket list? Have a hard time thinking of things? Don’t worry! Live each day like a bucket list and look out for opportunities that may arise. You never know what might happen.

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