Packing Tips For Your Summer Trips

I travel a lot, and I actually have found a way to enjoy packing! If you follow these simple tips it might make packing a little more enjoyable for you and allow you to focus on where you're going!

1. Prepare The Week Before.


Start thinking about where you're going. Look at the weather forecast, think about what you want to wear when you're going to be walking around, or at the beach, whatever the activity is for the day. If you know exactly what kind of look you need, it will be way easier to narrow down your options.

2. Roll your clothes.


Rolling your clothes allows you to make the most out of your space. Instead of folding them like you would see in a store and stack them, roll them and set them next to and on top of each other. This is more efficient and you can pack more.

3. Bring versatile pieces.


Depending on how long you are going to be gone, bring a few staple pieces that you can wear multiple times such as jeans or a winter coat. This allows you to save space and have a multitude of outfits at your disposal with less work.

4. If your friends want to, share!


If you and your friends or siblings are the same size, share clothes. I do this with my twin sister and we automatically have double the wardrobe we want in the place we are visiting.

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