How A College Student Can Run A Sweatshirt Business From Her Dorm Room

For as long as I can remember, I have crafted. I used to create little figures with sculpy clay, cross-stitch with my grandma, sew outfits for my barbies and American girl dolls, and jewelry for my friends. In my older years, I have grown to love painting. Most recently, my favorite form of art is in words — stringing them together to create lines that inspire, motivate, uplift, or encourage.

With the DIY mind that I have been blessed with, my wardrobe has definitely had its fair share of customization. From jean shorts from dad jeans to cropped polos, I have been there and done that. Earlier this year I decided to pull back out the needle and thread and give it a go. I stitched the words "dance with Jesus, not the world" on an oversized navy sweatshirt that I had thrifted earlier that week.

I snapped a couple of self-timer pics in my dorm room and posted them on my personal Instagram.

Then the DMs came.

"OMG! so cute! Can I have one?"

"WHERE can I get one!"

"girl! love the idea!! I would love to buy one from you"

"How much are these? do you sell them?!"

And so I began asking myself... Do I sell these?

Within the first two weeks of taking orders, I had over 50 orders. The next two weekends, my boyfriend and I went to every thrift shop within an hour radius of my college town and picked up every solid colored crewneck sweatshirt I could find. I started stitching instead of doing homework, candles burning and podcasts playing. Honestly, it was the life.

It's been about three months now since the first Instagram post. I have officially sold 59 sweatshirts and have a long queue of 78 sweatshirts. I plan to hire my roommate and a friend of mine to help me this summer since the orders are coming in with each photo I post on my Instagram.

This opportunity has been one for extreme growth on my part. I have reconnected with old friends, learned my way around a post office, through and through, and learned ~a lot~ about time management. Who knows where this will take me. Stay tuned.

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