An Overview Of 'Far Cry Primal'
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An Overview Of 'Far Cry Primal'

Learn to tame wild beasts and become the top predator as you lead the Wenja tribe to victory.

An Overview Of 'Far Cry Primal'

It’s obvious that technology is always advancing, so it’s no surprise that gaming and entertainment systems have evolved from Nintendo 64, to Playstation and now, Xbox One. With each new system, we see that the gaming companies are competing to keep people interested and hooked on different fighting and sports games. It seems like as the years pass, these games become more technologically involved, except one company that decided to take the opposite route in the gaming world.

Ubisoft, the video game developer for the Far Cry, Tom Clancy and even the Assassin’s Creed series, thought of taking gamers back to a time where they must learn and fight to survive. Humans are no longer the top of the food chain, instead they are the prey and, in order to thrive, these people will figure out what it takes to keep the human race alive during the Stone Age.

Plagued with disease, fierce predators and poison, the Stone Age easily becomes one of the hardest eras to survive. Mammoths roam around the water hole during the day, but at night the wolves howl and suddenly there’s a pack circling around, preparing to leap in for a bite. Other tribes will threaten to take away your land, and everyone is out to kill you in "Far Cry's Primal."

Gamers play as Takkar, the last surviving hunter from the Wenja tribe. After the Ice Age, lush evergreens and various plants began to bloom. The Udam tribe had enough of harsh climates and weather, so they attacked the Wenja tribe in the land of Oros. After the Udam tribe attacked, Takkar vows to find and unite members of Wenja tribe, while trying to become the top predator in the land of Oros. He seeks revenge on Ull, leader of the Udam, and swears to reclaim what rightfully belongs to the Wenja.

Most video games today attempt to follow modern times by using guns and war in their overall theme. In "Far Cry's Primal," Takkar must consistently create his own weapons to fight and hunt, like bows and arrows, spears, clubs, etc. Over time, Takkar will learn how to improve his weapons and make new ones like firebombs. There are several different resources available in the land of Oros like flint, wood, shale and many different plants. Each item serves a purpose in the Stone Age. Without wood and flint, there wouldn’t be fire to ward off sabretooth tigers and warthogs around camp.

Takkar must master several skills, like his spiritual powers, throughout the game in order to survive in Oros and defeat the Udam. While on his journey, Takkar will meet many important people who will help him learn the necessary skills and techniques needed for survival.

Another interesting aspect of this game involves how the story progresses. As you know, humans aren’t the top predators in the Stone Age and Takkar is fighting to become the best. Although many animals threaten humans during the game, these people learn how to live among the beasts. More importantly, it is Takkar’s destiny to become the beast master. He will learn to domesticate animals so that the owls become his eyes, and wolves as his fighting companions.

With ongoing adventures, and scavenging materials in order to survive, there is never a dull moment in "Far Cry's Primal." In this first-person perspective game, you must lead Takkar through difficult situations and come out on top. The gameplay keeps players on their toes because there’s no way to forget–humans are prey in the land of Oros.

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