Organizational Communication in the Workplace
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Organizational Communication in the Workplace

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Organizational Communication in the Workplace

Post Graduation students are expected to enter into the “real world” to work a job in their degree field. Also, people will look to join different organization they may help their career or compliment their religious practices. The ways a person benefits from the organization is apart of how the company has good or bad communication skills. A person have to be able to say they are comfortable around their members and leaders or bosses. Women have always been treated worse than men in the workplace or in organizational spaces, which has a controversy debate for years. Organizational communication helps a person become open minded to different things and learn new things.

Organizational communication has been in exist for many years and will continue to enhance a company’s social skills. Leaders implements structure and teamwork to have create appropriate relationships with their co workers has been effective for many years. This makes for a stronger environment for both the workers and their leaders. Also, leaders including strategies and reward systems to help the communication between their co workers be strong is effective as well. A member understand the norms and organizing of the company impact their involvement in the company for the good or for the worse. Strong organizational communication helps a company have great communication, leadership, analytical, management, and critical skills.

Some major theories associates with organizational communication are organizational assimilation, organizational identity, organizational culture, and organizational dissent. These theories help shape both negative and positive views about this division in communications. The organizational assimilation theory is that an individual becomes integrated into the culture of an organization. There are a couple of stages a person will undergo to assimilate into an organization. Before a person assimilates into an organization, they will make their own perception of how the place is run, which is called Vocalization Anticipatory Socialization. The person’s first perception will be change when they go through the encounter and metamorphosis stages. A person goes through the encounter stage when they learn the process of the organization. In this stage a person is able to become familiar with the functions of the company, which is swift their first perception of the company.

Additionally, another major stage within the organizational assimilation theory is the metamorphosis. In this section of the theory, a person become familiarity with others, experience acculturation, recognition recognition, level of involvement, job competency, and role negotiation. A person becomes familiar with others by imposing on conversations with their co workers, church peers, or non profit members. A person undergoes acculturation when used to the norms of the organization, which allow them to determine whether the organization is beneficial to them. Recognition is when a person gets recognized by other members in the organization. A person getting recognized allows them to get more exposure and opens them to more opportunities inside the organization. The level of involvement is important for a person because they will become open minded when volunteering, which will results in a high level of understanding. A person experiences job competency when they work with ambition and perform the organization's tasks good. Lastly, a person go through the role negotiation phase when comparing their first perception of the organization the knowledge they have gained, to find out if they are satisfied with the organization.

Another major theories of organizational communication is organizational culture, which is how meaning is made into an organization. An organization should implement teamwork, morale, information flow, involvement, supervision, and communication during meetings to better allow their members to understand the company’s culture. Teamwork shows how meaning is constructed into an organization by showing how competitive the members are and how much desire they have to fulfill the team's task. Morale shows how meaning is worked into an organization by a person feeling good about the organization’s environment. Supervision helps an organization realize what needs to get fixed and their performance, this usually conducted by an audit how an organization better functions. Also, supervision can determine whether an organization is fulfilled their goals and benefiting their member correctly. Communication during meetings shows which members are interested in the organizations or considered the organization a mistake.

The first current debate about organizational communication is that leaders or managers realize their workplace environment is going to do great they everyone achieves what their desires, but some managers include programs and strategies that help benefit them rather than the whole organization. This results in the organization being uneven in understanding and will allow the company to have different performance rates. Some of the high people in an organization mostly look for themselves to see how they can move up in their field of work, which questions their loyalty to their members. Some of the managers will present themselves as if they are in support with their member but what if they are given an opportunity that results in betraying one of their members.

The second current debate about organizational communication is gender. Mostly, in workplaces, women are paid lower than men, but do twice as much as work they do. Unfair wages could let to bigger financial problems for the women and get outcomes for the males. In some organizations, women are viewed as the gender that often complains all the time and will constantly voice their opinion. Also, companies will treat them less than what they are and blame their flaws on their menstrual cycles, which is entirely unfair. For years, feminism have been fighting for equal rights in the organizations. Another example of the gender issue in organizational communication is how women dress, and if they dress a certain way are perceived different. For example, a woman for tight shirt and wearing a blouse but has big breast will get seen as inappropriate. This woman can not correct that she has hips and big breast and every bottom and top piece she wears reveals the shape of her body. Whereas, a male can become hot in the workplace, take off his shirt and walk around with a short sleeve v neck, with exposing tattoos. Gender in the workplace has been a big issue and interrupts the organization's communication skills because not every female will speak up because they could become at risk of getting fired.

The third current debate about organization communication is nepotism. In most organizations, a manager or leader gains their power because they are related to someone that was previously in charge. Most people will find in this fair because this create favoritism in the organization, but a person gaining a leader position because of connections could get seen as a good thing because it means they have ambition or they want to keep the position in the family. This will create jealous amongst the people in the organization. They will feel as though the leader will not have to work as hard because they are favorited. A person that has worked all their life, went to college, and has completed internships will feel as though they waste their time. On the other hand, the person in high power, is protecting the family legacy or the connection of the leader could have known the person since they were a child. The people in the organization will work hard to make the favorited person’s job very hard because they will let their feelings of envious and jealous get in the way of their meaning for being in the organization. These two emotions lessen the performance and the member’s involvement in the organization. This hurts the foundation of an organization because the communication between the leader and the member will weaken, which will make it more of a challenge for them to know the problems that present.

In J. Mohr and R. Spekman’s scholarly article, Characteristics of Partnership Success: Partnership Attributes, Communication Behavior, and Conflict Resolution Techniques, their purpose to explain have partnerships influences organizational communication for the better. These authors says, “Partnerships can afford a firm access to new technologies or markets; the ability to provide a wider range of products/services; economies . . . access to knowledge beyond the firm's boundaries; sharing of risks; and access to complementary skills” (2). These partnerships will help enforce a competitive between members in a company and another company. Also, this provides the companies to make interpersonal relationships and could impact the organization's goals. Partnerships could also develop new ideas and each company could help each other. For example, two companies partnering together could bridge the gap their past and future financial earnings.

In Rebecca J. Meisenbach’s scholarly article, Integrating Ethics and Responsibility Intro Organizational Communication Research: Issues and New Directions, she believes that ethics is a vital role in organizational communication. An organization should have morals in how they will carry out their mission. The author says, “Issues of ethics and responsibility in organizational communication are and should be recognized as intertwined with all of our research (1). An organization without any morals will have a hard to making any of their material to make sense. This will turn away potential workers because their message will get confusing and these potential workers will realize the the company is not organized. A company without ethics and responsibility will not stand with long and will hurt people’s reputations in the company.

A company and its members are very important with carrying out their goals. A manager should look out for themselves and their co workers. A manager betraying their co workers to get further in their careers will lessen the communication amongst the workers. Gender roles in organizations are still getting resolved. Women are still not treated as equal as men in the workplace, this influences the communication between women and male in the organization in a bad way. Favoritism in an organization could allows emotions to get in the way of how co workers or member communicate. Also, someone gaining a leader position because of nepotism can add jealous and envy, which will distract the organization from fulfilling their duties.

Scholars in Organizational Communication

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