An open letter to all incoming college freshmen
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An open letter to all incoming college freshmen

Listen up, kids...

An open letter to all incoming college freshmen
Elsa Chase

In light of the school year starting back up in a few weeks, in which I will be a senior in college, I thought I’d take the opportunity to write an open letter to all incoming freshmen. This letter will contain some of the things I wish someone would have told me three years ago.

Dear Incoming Freshmen,

Wow! Move-in day is so close! You’ve already had freshman orientation, you’ve met your future roommate, and you’re all packed up and ready to leave!

If your mother gets emotional on the drive to move you into school, let her. You’re her baby; she watched you grow from the time you were an infant to now. It’s hard for her to let her child leave and go off into the real world.

Be prepared for anything that may happen. I had what could have possibly been the hardest freshman year to have ever been experienced. I made some bad choices, ended up in places I shouldn’t have been, I was sexually assaulted, and I lost so many people that were dear to me that year. Hopefully, you won’t make the wrong decisions like I did to avoid the first three situations. If you make the choice to go to parties, develop a buddy system. Never let yourself into any dangerous situations.

If you do end up having to go through some of the things I did (and hopefully you won’t), there is one thing you can do. You can win the fight to go on after these things happen. Remember, it is not our experiences that define us; it’s the way we handle these experiences. You are strong.

When things get hard, just remember this: It always does, and it will get better. Regardless of whether you do end up having to deal with some traumatic things or not, it’s going to be a tough year. It’ll be a year full of transition and change.

You may not stay close with all of the friends you make freshman year, but you will still make friends that will stay in your life for a long time. The picture I put with this article is a more recent one with some of the girls I became friends with freshman year. Even though we've all kind of gone our own ways, when we're together, they still are all very dear to me, and it's like nothing ever happened! You'll definitely make friends like this! You’ll make friends that you can lean on, and you’ll still always have your close friends from growing up.

You may find yourself lost in heartbreak at points. Adult relationships are hard. Don’t let that ruin it for you. Someday, you’re going to meet an awesome person that will completely turn your world around. They’ll going to show you how you deserve to be loved. You’ll meet a couple losers first, but the wait is worth it. It took me until my junior year to find a healthy and wonderful relationship, but it was definitely worth the wait.

Hold your relationships with your family in the highest of priorities. At the end of the day, they’re the people that will have your back the most. Check in with your dad every once in awhile. Call your mom once or twice a week. Facetime your siblings. They all wish they were there with you in these new experiences you’re having, so they’d probably really love to hear from you frequently. Not too frequently, because then it’ll almost seem like you’re not ready to grow up yet, but it’s good to keep an open communication line with your family.

There will be plenty of fun and exciting opportunities over the next few years, but stick to the books. Remember, you’re paying $20-60k a year to go to school, not to party. Go to classes. You’re wasting money every time you skip. I know I’m sounding like a parent, but I skipped class all the time my freshman year, and my GPA is still making up for it.

Last, but certainly not least, please don’t forget who you are. People change, and you will even change in some ways, but don’t forget who you are and how you were raised. Don’t forget your core morals, and don’t forget to be a good person.

I hope your freshman year is one to remember!

Good luck on all of your future endeavors, class of 2020.


A Helping Senior

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