An Open Letter to Me


You have been through a lot. You take on a lot and it's time for you to focus on yourself. You treat others better than you treat yourself. You put other people's needs before your own. You go out of your way for people who wouldn't even think to spare a second for you. You would jump off of cliffs and swim through rivers for people who wouldn't step over a puddle for you.

It's time to put yourself first. For so long, you've been distracting yourself, hiding your needs away in the shadows. You need to learn who you are. What makes you, YOU?

You are much stronger than you think. You've been through breakups and lost friendships, living away from home in a brand new city and more. You're constantly in a battle with your mind. But, you wake up every morning, ready to face the day. Isn't that a victory within itself?

You are so much more than you give yourself credit for. You are smart and witty, caring (to the point that it hurts you) and courteous. You hold your morals high, so why doesn't your chin follow in suit.

Stop putting yourself down. You are a human, you are allowed to have feelings. Sometimes, emotions can be overwhelming. Stop apologizing for how you feel. If someone is meant to be in your life, they will stay with you through the ups and downs. They will learn to appreciate how emotional you are. But, you need to learn to do that yourself.

You are brutally honest. Sometimes, it's a strength while other times it can be a weakness. Be prepared to receive backlash for your honesty but do not every look down on yourself for speaking your mind.

Learn to love yourself, please. I know, it's hard when you so strongly dislike the person you see in the mirror. But you are the only one that matters. You come into this world alone and you leave this world alone so why not love yourself in the meantime.

You are Abbey. Live like you are.


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