Open Letter to the Trump supporters

So as of March 30th, Mike Pence had broken the tie and Planned Parenthood has been successfully defunded. Another victory in Trump's political machine. Let me start by saying how thankful I was that the bill to repeal Obamacare was canceled, even though there are rumors they are going to try again. I love how the Trump supporters are so insistent on taking away the health insurance from those who can't afford it.

You really are great people... *sarcasm*

Okay, lets cut the crap right now!! Cause I want to understand the mentality of those who put this man in the White House!

First of all, Trump's phrase was to "Make America Great Again." But all he has done was make me ashamed to be American! Anything that might have been "good" about him as President hasn't shown at all.

On top of banning Syrian refugees and attempting to repeal Obamacare. Congress finally defunded Planned Parenthood. Women have lost their right to their own bodies, contraceptives and screening tests. How wonderful is that for you? Church and State are separate and here was obviously a religious motivation behind this. None of you have been able to give me a solid, non-metaphysical argument to justify criminalizing abortion.

Why did you vote for Trump? Why do you think everything that has happened is great? Does taking away women's right to choose make America great? What do you call a man who walks into a mosque and kills muslims who are doing nothing more then practicing their right to religious freedom? Is he a hero or a murderer? Does taking away health insurance from people who can barely afford it, make America great?

You obviously knew this would happen if you voted for him. So either, you have no morality, you're a white supremacist or you're just the dumbest person on the face of the earth! And yet you cannot explain to me what there is to celebrate about Trump! You cannot justfiy everything he has done. You can't justify taking away women's rights, you can't justify turning the other cheek to a genocide occuring in the Middle East, you can't justify kids chanting at Latinos to "Build a wall." America has reverted back to the White country it's already been, and you are happy with it. And I still need to know WHY?

Explain and justify every action Trump has taken and we will talk. Thank you.

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