On-Campus Fashion Fails Expressed By Phoebe Buffay
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On-Campus Fashion Fails Expressed By Phoebe Buffay

5 things you should NEVER wear to class.

On-Campus Fashion Fails Expressed By Phoebe Buffay

One of the best parts of college is that it really doesn’t matter what you wear to class. On some days, high school felt like a full on fashion show. Girls in wedges and tiny dresses strutting down the hallways. People judged you for what you wore and how you looked. College is different. In college no one ever questions why you’re dressed the way you are. If you look like a homeless person people just assume you had an 8AM that you struggled to get to or are severely hungover from the night before. If you’re walking around campus in a suit, people will assume you had a job interview or presentation in class. There aren’t dress codes for class and no one judges you if you look like you haven’t slept in two weeks, because they probably haven’t either.

The typical everyday, on campus outfit for most girls is something very dressed down. When I wear jeans people ask me what I’m dressed up for. Although most people go the casual route for class, some girls do put a little more effort into their outfits and I understand why. Maybe there is a hot guy in your class you’re trying to impress, maybe you see your ex in the library everyday and want to show him what he is missing, or maybe you just want to give people the impression that you have your shit together (even though you totally don’t). Whatever the reason, it is acceptable to dress up a little for class; there is nothing wrong with trying to look nice.

Despite the fact that there aren’t any specific rules or codes for how you can dress on campus, there are a few unspoken “don’ts” when deciding what to wear for class. I am almost done with my junior year of college and have seen plenty of fashion fails in my days. The things some girls chose to wear to class are just not okay! Their outfits make me want to walk up to them and just yell “WHY DID YOU DO THIS? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?”. Witnessing some of these fashion fails everyday lead me to believe we are on the verge of a full on fashion epidemic. So in order to reduce the fashion fails on campuses everywhere, here are five things you should NEVER wear on campus.

1. Crop Tops

If you are wearing a crop top in the library right now go home and take it off. There is absolutely no need to be walking into a 300-person lecture hall with your belly button ring dangling out of your top. Trust me, your sixty year old professor doesn’t need to see your entire exposed stomach at ten in the morning. I have seen crop tops around campus far more times than necessary. There is no excuse to wear crop tops to campus. I don't care if its seventy degrees, or one hundred degrees...just don't wear them please.

2. Granny Panties with Leggings

I’m all for wearing leggings as pants (as long as they aren’t sheer). They are comfortable and easy to wear with anything in your closet…except for one thing. GRANNY PANTIES! Don’t do it! Don’t wear granny panties with your leggings. Underwear lines aren’t cute, which is why thongs were invented.

3. Heels

Unless you are dressed up for an interview or something along those lines, heels are not appropriate or necessary for class. There is nothing more cringe worthy than seeing a girl stumble through the lecture hall isles in her four-inch wedges. Just wear flat shoes, its best for you and everyone around you.

4. Body-con ANYTHING

Skintight dresses and skirts with your boobs and butt hanging out are beyond inappropriate for class. We get it, you're hot, now go put on some pants please. Not to mention constantly pulling your dress down while you walk around campus cannot be comfortable. Save body-con for the bar, not for class.

5. Uggs with Shorts

I don’t even know how this combo became a thing, but I have witnessed it on campus with my own eyes. How does wearing furry boots with denim cutoffs make sense? Did you forget to check the weather app this morning so you decided to just dress for any temperature? Technology provides us with instant hourly weather predictions; there is no excuse for dressing between seasons.

In general, college gives you the right to wear anything you want. But in order to avoid getting weird looks from your fellow students on campus, I suggest you follow this advice and stay away from these five on campus fashion fails.

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