Olympic Stadium Was The Highlight Of My Trip
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I Never Thought The 1976 Olympic Stadium Would Be So Cool

When looking for things to do in Montreal, you definitely want to make sure the Olympic Stadium makes your list.

I Never Thought The 1976 Olympic Stadium Would Be So Cool
Sierra Zinke

When staying in Downtown Montreal we decided it was in our best interest to leave the car parked where it is so that we do not have to worry about losing our one parking spot. Let's be honest we are a group of six college students in Montreal for five days the last thing we want to pay for is parking.

We decided it would be good exercise to walk everywhere we go, which like in a city you think really is not that bad. But then we realized a lot of the fun activities we really wanted to do were kind of far to walk, especially considering it is cold in Canada.

And the Olympic Stadium was one of them.

Also, side note, invest in a metro pass.

When we first got here we did not want to take the metro at all, we figured it would be super expensive and did not thing we would use it. But I was incredibly wrong, we got a 3 day unlimited metro pass for $15 USD.

And it was a brilliant idea, you will use it.

When my friend first told me about going to the Olympic Stadium I was pretty skeptical, I am not really a big fan of history type stuff and did not want to spend an ungodly amount of money to be super duper bored. Not accounting for the fact that I am a big sports fan.

But I could not have been more wrong, again.

The Olympic Stadium was by far one of the coolest places we went while in Montreal. Not only is it incredibly historic, as it was the first place someone ever scored a perfect ten in gymnastics it was also modernized and still used today.

As a group we were talking about how a lot of Olympic Stadiums, and villages are currently just falling apart because they are not being used as anything and just allowed to fall apart, especially the more historic villages. Obviously there are other things that correlate to the destruction and falling apart of the Olympic Villages but you cannot just expect the cities to use the village if they are not updated and adapted for public use.

This stadium and pool has updated to serve the public and host various types of events while also allowing elite athletes to train.

We went on a Sunday so it was kids day meaning the Olympic pool was transformed into this crazy play place for families and children with various floating obstacle courses. They also have adapted the floor of the pool so that half of the pools floor can move to various depth for kids day or normal everyday training.

There was both an everyday weight room for people who just want to exercise and train and also an elite weight room so that elite athletes can train in peace. Furthermore, the baseball field is now used for two games by the Toronto Blue Jays, major league soccer and the occasional concert.

They have modernized the place so that people go for tours, to exercise and just have fun and it is definitely something everyone visiting Montreal should try to see once in a while.
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