Why 'OK, Boomer' Is Not A Slur... OK, Boomers?

'OK, Boomer' Is Not A Slur, OK, Boomers?

They say that it's an "ageist slur" against the older generation.


Unless you've been living under a rock for the past month, you've definitely heard the phrase "OK, boomer" floating around the internet. This term started to become famous all over social media after the millennials and Generation Z got tired of being pushed around by baby boomers and are tired of constantly arguing with them.

The phrase broke into mainstream cultural relevance on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram. When it finally filtered its way into baby boomers' consciousness, they became offended by it. Some people even called it an "ageist slur" against the older generation.

When I saw this, I was beyond shocked at the hypocrisy.

How could a generation that claims that anyone younger than them is a "sensitive snowflake" suddenly get offended by something? The same generation that said that back in their day, no one got offended by anything? The same generation that makes fun of people younger than them for getting offended by things, calling them "snowflakes" or saying that we're all weak.

They say all of these things, yet they're getting so mad because younger generations don't feel like arguing with them anymore. It's hypocritical.

What really makes me angry about this whole thing is the fact that they're saying the term "boomer" is a slur. People are over here comparing "boomer" to the N-word.

Excuse me, but what?

First of all, you can immediately tell why these two words aren't alike. We're over here saying the word "boomer" — the people comparing it to the N-word aren't even saying what the full N-word is. Why? Because they know it's not even close to being on the same level.

Secondly, the term "boomer" is just short for "baby boomer." For the boomers who have forgotten what a baby boomer is, it's anyone that was born between (roughly) 1946-1964. Boomer is literally just the name of a generation, THEIR generation. Why are people getting offended over this? I couldn't tell you, but it's so annoying.

The reason why younger generations use this phrase is that they are tired of fighting with older people who won't even open their minds to other opinions.

Older generations just fight people who have different opinions from their own. No matter what we say, we won't win because we'll always get shut down, saying our opinions are wrong and invalid. We don't feel like fighting anymore, so we just reply with that phrase. We're just done.

And if you get offended by this, all I have to say is "OK, boomer."

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