10 Of The Most Famous Hauntings In Ohio
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10 Of The Most Famous Hauntings In Ohio

Ghosts and asylums and lighthouses oh my...

10 Of The Most Famous Hauntings In Ohio
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Most of us wonder what really goes bump in the night. Are there really ghosts? I am someone who believes that there are, and I'd like to share with you a few of the ghost stories from my home state. Maybe they'll make you question your beliefs about whether there are actually ghosts out there or not. Here are some of the most common, and most spectacular ghost stories from Dead Ohio's Database.

1. Mansfield Reformatory

Once home to some of the most vicious criminals, the reformatory in Mansfield, Ohio is now considered one of the most haunted places in Ohio. At one time, fifty dollars could get you a one night's stay in the reformatory. If you lasted the entire night you would get your money back. During the fall they offer one of the scariest haunted houses around, some say the real ghosts even come out to play.

2. Gore Orphanage

Located near Vermilion, Ohio this now vacant lot has a lot to offer ghost hunters. You can see smoke and orb filled pictures, and hear the cries of children on audio recordings. They say that if you park your car on the bridge and cover it in baby powder you'll return to find little hand prints all over your car. This is one that I have visited for myself, and I must say that it is indeed very active.

3. Republic Ghost Train

On a train track near Republic, Ohio in 1887 two trains collided. One was a freight train, the other a passenger train. Since then, there have been reports of a ghost train being seen on the tracks, though no one knows which train it is, along with a ghostly train whistle blowing. A wispy all white woman carrying a red lantern has also been reported by conductors warning them to stop, then disappearing after they do.

4. Abbott's Tomb

Located in Milan Cemetery in Milan, Ohio, this tomb is well-known to Ohians for its haunting. The Abbott's were one of the founding families of Milan and are now most known for the mausoleum they reside in. They say that if you knock on their door, they'll knock back. Knock too many times, and they'll chase you out.

5. Akron Civic Theater

Located just next to and above the Ohio Erie Canal in Akron Ohio, this theater is said to be haunted by not one but three ghosts. The first ghost is a janitor who worked there for many years, and the second is a stately actor who haunts the balcony. The third is the sad story of a young actress who reportedly committed suicide by jumping from the building into the canal below, and who now haunts the canal and the tunnel that runs under the theater.

6. Crybaby Bridge

There are several of these bridges in Ohio, more an urban legend than an actual haunting, but still interesting. In Helltown, Ohio, it is said that if you park your care on the bridge, take an extra set of keys (it's a must) and turn your car off, locking the doors and walking away, you will come back to find your car running and dusty footprints all over the car.

7. Edwin Shaw Hospital

Formally known as Springfield Lake Sanitarium and located in Lakemore, Ohio, this hospital is known for its ghosts. Not only is the hospital itself haunted, but the nearby Springfield Lake is also known for its strange occurrences. Fisherman and boaters have reported seeing unexplained lights simply floating on shore. There is also a cemetery on sight with only numbered markers where some say apparitions can be seen.

8. Franklin Castle

Built in Ohio City, Ohio in 1865, this castle was home to Hannes Tiedemann, his children, wife and his mother. After his wife, children and mother mysteriously died he moved in 1895. Now it is said that voices can be heard along with the cries of small children, chandeliers spinning and faces that will materialize in the woodwork. This castle is notorious for its hauntings.

9. Kingsville Library

Located in Kingsville, Ohio just outside of Ashtabula, the original section of this library was built as a reading room in 1885. The library stands next to an old church that was recently converted into a masonic temple. The library is said to be host to several ghosts including a man in a tall black hat who walks the bookshelves of the original part of the library then promptly disappears.

10. South Bass Island Lighthouse

Located on Put-In-Bay in Lake Erie in Ohio, this lighthouse was built in 1897. It's first keeper was Harry H. Riley who hired Samuel Anderson as caretaker as he could not care for the grounds by himself. Samuel later committed suicide for fear of catching smallpox. The question is... is it his ghost that haunts the basement of the lighthouse or is it someone else?

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