Thank You To My Odyssey Creators

To all of my Odyssey creators:

As I near graduation I want to say thank you to every one of you. Each of you have contributed to our community in an impacting way. You each brought a unique personality to our community and endless article ideas. Odyssey is about finding your voice and bringing together those of all ages, backgrounds, majors, etc. Our community has become one of the best representations of Odyssey's mission.

I have gotten to know each and every one of you, and wow has it been amazing. I have watched some of you grow so much on a personal level. Overcoming adversity, big or small. I have also gotten to watch you all grow within Odyssey. Each of you have grown in your writing skills whether you wrote 2 articles to 200 articles. Some of you have really stepped out of your comfort zone; writing about topics you normally won't. And I must admit, those articles were some of the best articles yet.

Not only have you all, as creators, impacted our community's success, but you have also helped me to become a better leader. I have learned skills that are valuable to be the best leader I can be. Each of you have provided me feedback on what to improve upon and what I was doing well. Through conversation I learned about flaws within the community and how I can fix them as a leader. Because of you all, I have learned how to adapt my leadership style according to each person.

Whether you realize it or not, every single one of you are a crucial part to our community. It is creators like you that keep Odyssey alive, allowing people to share their voice. I wish each one of you the best of luck in future endeavors, and continue to be the amazing, influential creators you are.

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