Recently, a certain video has gone viral featuring Emu's Pink Windmill Kids. I have no idea what that group title even means and, frankly, do not care. Why? I am simply obsessed with this video. It's kind of awful but in the most entertaining way, like when "Friday" by Rebecca Black or "Gangham Style" by PSY went viral.

If you have not seen the whole video, check it out above so you can fully understand my favorite parts listed below. Just remember, you can't stop the music. Or these kids and their high kicks.

1. This suit

Just, this.

2. When we meet the Pink Windmill Kids...

"Hi, my name's Catrina, and my name is Hugh. I'm Sarah, I'm Emma, and I'm Joe to you."

3. When the Pink Windmill Kids point at the camera

How can you not love these kids?

4. Or give you the thumbs up

Positive vibes, am I right?

5. Those sweatpants and leg warmers combo

6. The lyrics "you can't stop the music"

Almost sounds like a song from "High School Musical" or "Hairspray." Am I right? Wait, was Zac Efron in this, too?

7. Randomly dancing in the grass

Like they are legit dancing. On grass. In front of a mansion. #dead

8. Audience members who are way too into it

Like the random mom in the audience that is going viral. If you cannot find her in the video, are you even obsessing over it?

9. The kid's whole fist pump section in the audience

This part is intense. Like, woah. #angryfistpump