I’m A Highly Sensitive Person And There’s Nothing Wrong With That

I’m A Highly Sensitive Person And There’s Nothing Wrong With That

I am allowed to have emotions and I'm strong because of it.


"You feel too much." "You feel too deep." "You take things too seriously." These are comments that I hear constantly. Apparently, there's a problem with being "too" sensitive. But I don't see a problem with it.

What's the real definition of high sensitivity? It can be defined as acute physical, mental, and emotional response to external or internal stimuli. A highly sensitive person can be an extrovert, introvert, or in-between. It is not someone who is weak. I just take in more than others and I handle what I am feeling. And I am strong because of it.

Don't tell me that I need to toughen up. Don't tell me that I shouldn't let things get to me. I'm allowed to feel a certain way. People think that being highly sensitive means that I'm overreacting or getting offended. Which is not the truth. It just means that I process my emotions more deeply. No, I don't need to be "fixed". It's not something that can be fixed and I don't want to be fixed.

Yes, I feel. I may feel "too" deep. I do take things seriously. But it's okay. At least you know how I am feeling. At least you know that I do feel. Or that I do care. Let me be me. Being highly sensitive doesn't mean I cry about everything. I just feel emotions strongly and I may cry but not for no reason.

It hurts knowing that the world doesn't understand what it means. It hurts because people openly joke about this trait that defines who I am. There's many misconceptions or stereotypes about highly sensitive people. You need to brush up on your facts on what it really means to be a highly sensitive person.

Think first before you make a comment about my emotions or anyone's emotions.

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8 Types Of People Fetuses Grow Into That 'Pro-Lifers' Don't Give 2.5 Shits About

It is easy to fight for the life of someone who isn't born, and then forget that you wanted them to be alive when you decide to hate their existence.


For those in support of the #AbortionBans happening all over the United States, please remember that the unborn will not always be a fetus — he or she may grow up to be just another person whose existence you don't support.

The fetus may grow up to be transgender — they may wear clothes you deem "not for them" and identify in a way you don't agree with, and their life will mean nothing to you when you call them a mentally unstable perv for trying to use the bathroom.

The fetus may grow up to be gay — they may find happiness and love in the arms of someone of the same gender, and their life will mean nothing to you when you call them "vile" and shield your children's eyes when they kiss their partner.

The fetus may grow up and go to school — to get shot by someone carrying a gun they should have never been able to acquire, and their life will mean nothing to you when your right to bear arms is on the line.

The fetus may be black — they may wear baggy pants and "look like a thug", and their life will mean nothing to you when you defend the police officer who had no reason to shoot.

The fetus may grow up to be a criminal — he might live on death row for a heinous crime, and his life will mean nothing to you when you fight for the use of lethal injection to end it.

The fetus may end up poor — living off of a minimum wage job and food stamps to survive, and their life will mean nothing to you when they ask for assistance and you call them a "freeloader" and refuse.

The fetus may end up addicted to drugs — an experimentation gone wrong that has led to a lifetime of getting high and their life will mean nothing to you when you see a report that they OD'd and you make a fuss about the availability of Narcan.

The fetus may one day need an abortion — from trauma or simply not being ready, and her life will mean nothing to you as you wave "murderer" and "God hates you" signs as she walks into the office for the procedure.

* * *

Do not tell me that you are pro-life when all of the above people could lose their lives in any way OUTSIDE of abortion and you wouldn't give 2.5 shits.

You fight for the baby to be born, but if he or she is gay or trans, you will berate them for who they are or not support them for who they love.

You fight for the baby to be born, but if he or she is poor or addicted, you will refuse the help they desperately need or consider their death a betterment of society.

You fight for the baby to be born, but when the used-to-be-classroom-of-fetuses is shot, you care more about your access to firearms than their lives.

It is easy to pretend you care about someone before they are even born, and easy to forget their birth was something you fought for when they are anything other than what you consider an ideal person.

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I Refuse To Stop Talking About Harry Styles' First Appearance At The Met Gala

Harry Styles wowed fans and haters alike with his first appearance at the Met Gala.


Unless you have been living under a rock, you know the 2019 Met Gala has just occurred. The first Monday of May is a big deal for everyone. Not only do celebrities get to play dress-up with million dollar outfits, but the general public gets to look on and judge the costumes from our couch in our sweatpants. Fun for everyone!

Now, if you are like me and had no idea what this event is actually supposed to be, let me fill you in. The Met Gala is an invite-only annual gala held every year as a fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. According to Business Insider, "For $30,000 a ticket, those who passed Wintour's approval can attend the $3.5 million event. Tables go for $275,000 to $500,000. They cost even more if they're paid for by sponsors." Though this event costs millions of dollars to put on, it has no problem making back up to five times the amount of money put into it, especially not with these prices. The Met Gala also has a theme every year, although not all celebrities choose to follow it. This year's theme was "Camp: Notes on Fashion," based on "Notes on Camp," an essay by Susan Sontag. And no, we aren't talking summer camps here. We're talking the most extra, gender-role breaking, loud, outfits but making them tasteful.

This year, the Met Gala had four co-chairs to join Anna Wintour, all of which are essential to the fashion industry in their own way. Lady Gaga, Serena William, Alessandro Michele, and Harry Styles joined forces to create one of the biggest Met Galas in history of the event. And it was insane. Instead of the traditional red carpet, there was a pink carpet lined by perfectly designed bushes interwoven with pink flowers that perfectly matched the carpet. At the top of the infamous Met staircase, there was a giant flamingo centerpiece also surrounded by thousands of pink flowers.

Harry Styles made an entrance with Gucci's creative director and fellow co-chair, Alessandro Michele, and it was immediately breathtaking. Alessandro was dressed in a loud pink jumpsuit, complete with ruffles, gaudy jewelry, matching shoes, painted nails, and a silver headpiece. He was absolutely stunning, and we expected nothing less. Walking side-by-side, Harry complimented him perfectly. Although he dressed in all black, which I can undoubtedly say none of us saw coming, his outfit was also complete with sheer fabric, ruffles, lace, high-waisted pants, heeled boots, a dangle earring, gaudy rings, and painted nails. While much of the fandom was expecting Harry's outfit to be a bit louder and a bit extra, they were still sent into a complete meltdown at how little Harry cares for gender roles, as he has shown us time and time again.

While at first, some people were quick to call this outfit boring or under-dressed, the campiness of it is in the details. Harry Lambert, Harry Styles' long-time stylist and friend, told Vogue, "I think everyone was expecting Harry to be in sequins, bright colors, and a crown, but we decided on a different type of 'camp' that hopefully would surprise. After such a colorful tour wardrobe it is nice to do something a little unexpected. This look is about taking traditionally feminine elements like the frills, heeled boots, sheer fabric, and the pearl earring, but then rephrasing them as masculine pieces set against the high-waisted tailored trousers and his tattoos. The look, I feel, is elegant. It's camp, but still Harry."

With Styles' look, we can see just how much the two Harry's (Harry, squared?) studied the camp aesthetic and carefully brought it to life in a look that Harry Styles would still be comfortable wearing. Harry even pierced his ear specifically for the event. I mean, come on, talk about dedication. Harry has been a tremendous influence in blurring the lines between men and women's fashion, in his partnerships with Gucci and otherwise, and the Met was no exception. No one could have pulled this off better than Harry Styles, and I could not be more proud.

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