10 Good Things That Happened In This Country While You Were Busy Talking About Donald Trump

10 Good Things That Happened In This Country While You Were Busy Talking About Donald Trump

This is not an article about the election, so keep reading.

Nataliya Scheib

The results of the 2016 Presidential Election have left people with all sorts of emotions – ranging from the good, the bad, and the ugly. Every article we read is about the positives, negatives, effects, predictions, opinions, (the list goes on) about the election. Remember when everyone, on November 7, said, “can’t wait for this to be over tomorrow!”? Newsflash… it’s just the beginning. But here are a few other things that have occurred in our country in the past week that are more beneficial and important than reading yet another article about

1. Koala Rescued From Backpack During Routine Safety Check

2. George W. Bush Adopts a Puppy

3. One small sign of progress: the number of women of color in the Senate quadrupled

4. Man Pays Off All Overdue Lunch Fees at Hometown Elementary School

5. Professor Insists Young Mom Bring Her Newborn Son With Her to Class

6. How One Girl Fed Thousands Thanks to an Unusually Large Cabbage

7. Sons Fulfills Oath to Father by Listening to Cubs Game Graveside

8. Janitor Vacuums Sweet Images into School Carpeting for the Kids to Find

9. Mom Starts Packing 2 Lunches After Son Notices Student With Little Food Eating Alone

10. Girl Hailed for Using Google Translate to Befriend New Student

So, yes, this election has scared people, has proven people right, has excited people, but this election does not undermine the fact that we are all put on this world to do amazing things and there are incredible things that are occurring before our eyes each and every single day. I'm not saying to ignore the realities of the election: instead of reading yet another article about how someone’s prediction of Trump’s America or someone’s bashing of the electoral college.. choose to read about George W. Bush’s new Scottish Terrier or the life changing power of Google Translate. There is good in this country! We are more than an election, we are a hopeful people… we are America!

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