How To Know It's Summer In North Carolina
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5 Ways You Can Definitely Tell It’s Summertime In North Carolina

One: It's hot.

5 Ways You Can Definitely Tell It’s Summertime In North Carolina

I am a lot of things. I'm a second generation immigrant, I'm a college student, and I'm an adult who never wanted to grow up (and probably never will). I am also a North Carolinian, and if I've learned one thing in my almost 19 years of living, it's that North Carolina summers are something else.

1. It's hot.

Yes, I am dying, but it's fine.


North Carolina summers are disgustingly hot. It's "you can't go outside for more than a minute without sweating" hot. It's "bring a bottle of water with you at all times" hot. And it's not just hot, but humid. Your legs, if bare, will be sticking to every chair you sit on. You'll feel compressed. The air quality can even get dangerously thick. Know your limits before spending any time outside.

2. Yes, even when it's raining.

At least the rain feels good (even if it's kind of sticky)!


If it's not sunny and hot, it's stormy and hot. Rain does nothing to cool down the air. It can be raining for a week straight, and the temperature won't dip below 85. The whole time, the humidity stays the exact same. Is this a tropical rainforest or North Carolina? You tell me.

3. Mosquitoes are EVERYWHERE.

All mosquitoes can DIE.


I kid you not, I stepped out for two minutes to let my dog pee the other day and came back with 6 mosquito bites. They are vicious (especially around standing water). Keep the bug spray on hand, or have a very watchful eye. (I have gotten really good at slapping them before they bite me.)

4. There are kids playing outside.

Play that hopscotch, girl!!!


By now we have established that it's probably around 90 degrees and mosquitoes are roaming the skies, right? Well, that doesn't stop the children from having a good time. Whether it's at the pool or in the woods or even near the city, there will always be some kids outside. (And as long as they know what they're doing, we should just let them have fun.)

5. Iced beverages and/or foods.

Drink up!


Nothing is more refreshing after a long summer day than icy glass of lemonade or sweet tea. Even ice water tastes better than usual when you've been suffering under the unforgivable sun for hours on end. Ice cream, popsicles, smoothies- they're a constant in my life during the summer. You gotta beat the heat somehow!

North Carolina summers are always going to be hot, but it's up to us to stay safe and hydrated. So don't forget to drink water, apply SPF, and take breaks if you plan to step outside. Have a great rest of the summer!

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