Making La Raza Proud
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Making La Raza Proud

Norma Torres Mendoza: An Example To Follow

Making La Raza Proud

In your opinion, what is the most important thing your parents can give to you? A monetary fortune? A secure, payed house? Family heirlooms with emotional value?

For Carmen Torres, who does not have much money being an undocumented Latina housekeeper, the best thing she can give to her daughter is an education. Porque la educacion nadie te la quita (because no one can take your education from you). Carmen’s dreams of providing her daughter with an education became a reality and surpassed her expectations on Thursday, May 26th as she watched her daughter, Norma Torres Mendoza, cross the stage and receive her Master’s in Public Policy and International Affairs from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. However, attending her daughter’s graduation ceremony was not an easy task.

Thanks to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), which is a renewable two year work permit and exemption from deportation if certain requirements are met, Norma is able to study, work, and travel without worries. However, her mother who lives in Texas nearly 2,000 miles from Massachusetts, is undocumented and was not able to fly to Harvard University to watch her daughter reap the benefits from both of their hard work and dedication.

Norma being the determined person she is, however, did not stand for this and decided to fly to Texas and drive the 2,000 miles to Harvard University with her mother to give her the chance to watch her cross the stage and receive her diploma from one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Norma mentioned that this was only a small price to pay to have her mother, and biggest supporter, by her side on her graduation day. Norma describes her mother as a humble person, who put her through six years of college with her job as a housekeeper and always instilled in her the importance of education.

This is a heartwarming story of a Latina woman succeeding in this nation of opportunity regardless of her race, immigration status, and family wealth. She is a living example for teens, more specifically minorities, to follow. As Latinos, we are very proud to have young people like Norma Torres Mendoza to show the world that Latinos are hard working, motivated, and humble people, not lazy selfish individuals the media and politicians sometimes portray us as. This is also a great example to show certain politicians that undocumented people are doing great things in our country, from doing the work no on wants to do in the fields in the scorching heat to graduating from prestigious universities, making our country even greater. The importance of deferred action for undocumented people who have a hunger for success is also a huge factor in allowing the success of people like Norma. It is important to take this into consideration when electing people into office, specially in this upcoming election. We need leaders who want to help people like Norma, people like the ones I go to school with who are extremely smart and dedicated and simply want a chance-a piece of paper allowing them to pay for an education and work in a job that will contribute to America’s success.

On a side note, if your parents work tirelessly to support you by wither paying for your education, giving you the gift of a love and appreciation for education, or both please go thank them.

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