We’ll All Be Here Forever: A Noah Kahan Album Review
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We’ll All Be Here Forever: A Noah Kahan Album Review

‘You’re Gonna Go Far’ has indeed come up during my most recent therapy appointment

We’ll All Be Here Forever: A Noah Kahan Album Review
Hailey Hastings

Listen, I am a simple twenty-something, I just want to listen to sad music and cry. Over the last eight months since ‘Stick Season’ came out that record has soundtracked every mental breakdown i’ve had, as well as so many core memories. I am truly forever indebted to one Noah Kahan.

When I heard that Noah was putting out an extended version of the album I knew without a doubt that I was ready to be hurt again, and that leads me to right now. I am sitting in the break room at work in the small town that i’m on a constant journey of trying to get away from, about to review these new songs while also explaining why Noah Kahan is the best artist of all time.

Let’s jump in!

Your Needs, My Needs

Noah Kahan in his indie-rock era? I love to see it! ‘Your Needs, My Needs’ is such a different sound than anything else throughout the album, yet I think it flows so beautifully. Such a perfect way to kick off this extended version of an already flawless record.

Dial Drunk

Right along with the rest of the internet I have completely fallen in love with ‘Dial Drunk.’ This bridge? Absolutely insane. Anyone who has ever struggled with alcohol addiction will know what I mean when i say it’s hard for me to even get through this track without falling apart. Having to face the music that you do indeed bring negativity and hurt into people’s lives is a hard pill to swallow, and I have never heard that realization put into a song. Noah Kahan’s relationship with his pen are unmatched.

Paul Revere

One thing about Noah Kahan, he is going to write about small towns!

The line “If I could leave, I would’ve already left” just hits different. No one puts the feeling of wanting to get out, but also not wanting to leave the comfort and familiarity behind quite like Noah.

No Complaints

Noah Kahan you are sick for writing “I saw the end it looks just like the middle” like what the hell? I genuinely think Noah may have been able to get inside my head before writing this track and put words to feeling that before now felt indescribable. This is the song I ugly cry in the shower to.

Call Your Mom

I remember distinctly after a night of reckless behavior my best friend having to call my mom because he was worried for my safety, it's one of the things I feel the worst about. And hearing Noah sing about a similar scenario made me feel less alone knowing its a shaming other people have also gone through.

This album truly is free therapy.

You’re Gonna Go Far

This song has genuinely ruined any sense of mental stability I had left. I moved from my small town in Washington to Los Angeles last summer and just hearing the line “We ain’t angry at you love, you’re the greatest thing we’ve lost’ makes me hysterically cry every god damn time. I have never heard a song that more accurately describes the fears of leaving your hometown, i can’t imagine a time when this track doesn’t hit me like a semi.

The View Between Villages - Extended

Ending this version of the record with an extended version of the original closer was a genius idea! As I thought the first time, this track wraps everything up with the most heartbreakingly beautiful bow.

I truly owe Noah Kahan my life and love this record with my entire heart.

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