The Abridged Biography Nick Saban, Alabama's Greatest Football Coach
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The Man, The Myth And The Legend: Alabama's Hero, Nick Saban

Name: Nicholas Lou Saban Jr. Occupation: The Greatest Football Coach in History

The Man, The Myth And The Legend: Alabama's Hero, Nick Saban

"Do you like to win, or do you hate to lose?" At 66 years old, pulling in a whopping $11.125 million dollar salary, the man we all know and love has earned us yet another win at the start of the 2018 season. Whether you believe yourself to be a Saban fanatic, or want to know more about him, here's a little timeline of his life that you'll be thankful you read before next game rolls around this Saturday... and trust me, you'll only love him more.

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OK, as part of the Crimson Tide, I may or may not be bias, but look at the facts people, it's without a doubt that this man is making history in front of our eyes and we're living in a prime time of Alabama football that our parents never really got experience, or at least when Bear Bryant or Saban wasn't really in the picture.

Nick Saban was born in Fairmont, West Virginia on October 31, 1951, to Nicholas and Mary Lou Saban. Why is this date not a national, or at least campus, holiday? We'll never know. Nick worked at the local gas station and Dairy Queen stores that his father owned. Although a more simple lifestyle as a child, Nick never lived a life away from the spotlight. He was the quarterback for his Pop Warner Youth League Football Team, as well as for the Ida Mack Black Diamonds during his youth. He eventually moved on to play QB for his high school team, Monogah High School Lions, where they gathered a state championship, 30 game winning streak, and Saban himself lead the team as an all-state athlete in football, basketball, and baseball. Therefore to be frank, these gleaming National Championship trophies are something he's slightly accustomed to.

In 1968, Nick received a football scholarship to Kent State University but started at the defensive back rather than his typical position at QB. At a staggering 5'6", we're just as shocked as you are. While he attempted to pursue a career in automotive sales, his coach at the time, Don James, saw something more admirable in him that would change football forever, the mind of a leader. Saban continued to work as a graduate assistant on the sidelines with his coach and earned a masters in sports administration, as well as making moves throughout all coaching arenas of football. From Syracuse to WVU, OSU to the Naval Academy, Saban has seen climate after climate of college football. He got his big break as the defensive coordinator at MSU, which led to his claim to fame in the NFL with the Huston Oilers.

Eventually, he acquired his first head coaching job at The University of Toledo, where his team won the Mid-Atlantic Conference Championship and a year later became the defensive coordinator for the Cleveland Browns under head coach, Bill Belichick, now coach of the five-time Superbowl champs, the New England Patriots. "I haven't cried for 18 years — since my dad died — but I cried all afternoon. It was something I just couldn't pass up," said Coach. And yes, they made it to the playoffs that year. On a side note speaking of emotions, most people don't know that Saban actually witnessed the dead bodies of four of his peers during his freshman year of college amongst a school shooting at a protest by the Ohio National Guard. Therefore, as we were reminded from his recent snap at Maria Taylor when questioned about the Jalen vs Tua starting position, Saban has his moments where he's overwhelmed, but after going through what he's been through, challenge after challenge, he seems to be an extremely strong man on and off the field.

If he has not already won your over, ladies, he has a soft side too. Terry Constable and Nick Saban met in the 7th grade at a science camp during their time in Fairmont. They kindled their love story senior year of high school and continued it while she taught at WVU as a teacher and him a student at Kent State. He sent her constant love letters, *SWOON*, and at the age of 21, the two met back at home over Christmas break and got married. They later adopted two children, Kristen, and yes, Nicholas. Fun Fact: Saban always calls Terry right before he takes off and right when he lands on his flights. They also attend mass together every Sunday at St. Francis of Assisi University Parish, 811 5th Ave. Tuscaloosa, AL 35401, and hardly ever miss a service. Finally, they also have a charity called Nick's Kids, after his father, for disabled children, as well as donates to local Tuscaloosa charities. Great communicator, generous, and religious too, Terry you're one lucky gal.

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Continuing his career, Saban returned to MSU as the head coach where he went to a bowl game 4/5 seasons and an 11-2 record in 1999. He then moved along to LSU where he quickly rebuilt the team within two years of training them and won the SEC Championship in 2001 vs Tennessee, and again against Georgia in 2003. Later, he advanced the team to a National Championship against Oklahoma and again won it 21-14, giving them their first natty champ since 1958. Going out with a bang, he left LSU to go take an offer as the head coach of the Miami Dolphins. Three days after the end of the NFL season for the Dolphins, despite saying he would decline the offer, Nicholas Saban couldn't stay away and accepted to become the head coach at the University of Alabama.

This is where the dynasty was born.

No one wanted the position. No one else took the position. Saban took a leap of faith when accepting a job with the program that was on the NCAA's a-list for previous violations by coach Mike Dubose and past coach Mike Shula, who simply just failed to beat rival Auburn. Therefore, Bama was desperate for a solid coaching staff and to become a school that recruits would want to go to. We wanted the Alabama legacy back. Although he began with a 2-6 record his first year, in 2008 Saban MADE MOVES. The team beat 9th ranked Clemson, ended Auburn's Iron Bowl reign winning 36-0, and last but not least, become the top-ranked team in the country. No, the trophies and confetti didn't come instantly, but with hard work and more wins, in 2009 Saban took the Tide to the National Championship to beat the Texas Longhorns in a 37-21 victory and to win the first national title since 1992.

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From then on we've won five national championships under Saban since 2009, Road to "Sabenteen" was a success, and we're going on 18, so he can tie Bear Bryant for the record. Yes, it was a process. That's his method, develop these players to become athletes and then champions. He also has an aggressive focus on finding and welcoming recruits to the university, spreading the word about the Crimson Tide and how everyone wants to be a part of this legacy that is Alabama. He has record after record, from being the only coach to have championships at two separate D1 schools, to being a three-time SEC Coach of the Year. But most of all, what we as students and fans everywhere should know him as, is a legend rather than just a coach.

Whether it's second and 26, or he's "not going to do it so quit asking," Nick Saban will always make me proud to say Roll Tide. Therefore, although I know you hate the media, and will most likely hate this article for me analyzing your life without permission, Thank you, Nick Saban, for making this a helluva time to be alive and for making my attendance at the University of Alabama unforgettable.

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