Niall Horan Gets A Snapchat
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Niall Horan Gets A Snapchat

...and it's the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Niall Horan Gets A Snapchat

On March 25, 2016 the world was, yet again, blessed with Niall Horan's presence. Since 2010, the entire world population has been swooning over this native Irish man, basking in the blinding brightness of his smile and swimming in the electrifying blue pigment of his eyes. His laugh is contagious, his hair is so fluffy, and the patterns of freckles that speckle his neck and the bridge of his nose are the most adorable sun spots.

Looking at his interactions on social media, it is evident that as the time grew on he became more and more confident with himself. From the creation of his Instagram page, it took him around 50 weeks to post a picture of himself, all pictures before it of locations or food or his TV. Now, Niall is smashing the game on Instagram. His "selfie trifecta" is still effecting thousands of fans, even after a few weeks of him posting them. Everyone has become a Niall girl now.

So when Niall posted on his Twitter account that he created a SnapChat account, it's no secret that there was a massive frenzy. It took him a day to figure out the whole SnapChat thing, taking to Twitter to apologize saying, "I don't really know how it works so give me time." Safe to say, everyone was refreshing their SnapChat story feed every five seconds. But when he finally did post something, a day later, it was like the heavens opened up and a chorus of angels sung the most beautiful melody.

His first story was a selfie, just him in a white t-shirt with those cute little glasses sitting in a car. Then, 24 hours later, he posted another selfie of him on the tube looking all fluffy and adorable in a forest green heavy jacket and a tweed newsboy cap. Shortly after, yet another selfie of him was posted with the caption "Happy Easter lovers." For these three days, everything was at peace.

Then boom, he posts two selfie videos, two house videos, and a TV picture...all in one day. Everyone's prayers were answered when he took a video with the dog filter. Everyone chuckled when he did his "Johnny Bravo" imitation. Everyone felt proud when he showed us his Brit collection on his bookcase. We all immediately began to watch the movie he was watching when he took a shot of his bookcase and flat screen TV. And, we all just about screamed when little giggles escaped his mouth at the end of, what I presume to be, his favorite clip from the movie. This little chuckle is the only thing you ever need to hear in the world.

Moral of the story: follow Niall Horan on Snapchat.

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