New Years Vibes From Some Festive Frat Guys
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New Years Vibes From Some Festive Frat Guys

"You are a peacock that the world's gotta let fly."

New Years Vibes From Some Festive Frat Guys

Rise and shine, ladies and gentlemen, the new year has officially sprung! (The sun is shining, the tank is clean!)

I'm sure we're all anxious to see what 2017 has in store for us, particularly because 2016 left us feeling pretty butt-hurt. Let's just quickly have a brief moment of silence and reflect on the fact that we made it, guys. The year of shambles is finally finished. We survived, and we're going to keep on surviving.

So yeah, there's no doubt 2016 was rough. Real rough. It blew chunks of unpleasantness. However, looking back, I feel that the end of the year was not as bad compared to the middle of it because the holiday season softened the unpleasant blows. Holidays are great for healing if we allow them to.

That being said, as we move forward into this new year, I hope that we can keep up with the positivity. Let's keep the holiday vibes afloat and make 2017 as dope as possible, shall we friends? We've got to work together to make that happen, though. I think the best way to do that is to just hold each other accountable, and act as examples to those who aren't feeling motivated to contribute toward the dopeness.

This past holiday season, I snapped a couple of photos of a few friends of mine who definitely exemplify the cheery vibes necessary to make 2017 not suck. These fellas are all brothers of the same fraternity, and they all know how to balance stress and dope stuff. Each of them actively spreads both the chill and the turnt vibes to all their friends, thus forming a collective dopeness that we can only hope the events destined to unfold in the year of 2017 together eventually exemplify in some future retrospect as well.

So, without any further adieu, here are some new year resolution ideas for 2017, each stemming from the inspirational vibes exuded by these festive frat guys who just wanna keep the holiday cheer alive and have a collective dope year.

1. Always relocate chill that's been misplaced.

... and if you can't find the chill, rock a trendy Buddha shirt and allow the chill to soak into your soul via clothing osmosis and talk about society with your friends.

2. Never forget that you're dressing to impress.

... but if someone judges your fashion choices, just remind yourself that you are a peacock that the world has to let fly, and the judgemental person is probably just jealous of your feathers.

3. Always be confident in yo'self

... and complement your confidence with some cheery self appraisals, any time of the year. "Sleighing" is never strictly limited to holiday times. Work it all dang year, you punny genius, you.

4. Never cease from starting new fashion trends.

If knee-high socks are the new pants in your universe, then who cares what shields from the cold the legs of those in other universes?

5. Always adapt to surrounding circumstances.

Is the basement getting too sweaty for your festive sweater? Rip off the sleeves for more air filtration, as well as for better arm versatility for beer pong accuracy.

6. Never forget to show off your classy side.

When you find yourself surrounded by red cups and buffoonery, silently and mysteriously sip from your glass of not natty-light, preferably behind hipster shades, and remember that you cannot judge the buffoonery, as you too have identified as an active participant in the observed activities.

7. Always be a team player.

... even if you're rooting for chicken.

8. Never restrain your inner manly reindeer.

Get ready 2017, this is Rudolph's time to "make it reindeer," not just during the holiday season, but for the whole dang year.

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