This New Year, Please STOP Doing These 9 Things To Yourself

This New Year, Please STOP Doing These 9 Things To Yourself

It's so much easier to just NOT do it.


At the beginning of every year, it appears as if we all have an innate desire to attempt to rewrite our entire personality. We all declare our resolutions and start building upon the person we want to become.

We declare that we are going start eating healthier, journaling or maybe start taking care of our mental health more. But, instead of creating new habits or replacing them, maybe we should try to take a step back and focus on NOT doing something rather than adding something to our already hectic lives.

Here are nine things we should try to not be doing for another 365 days:

1. Holding in thoughts or feelings

Humans have 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts in a day. If you don't put them out into the world in some form, whether that be journaling, talking or praying, then you're carrying that burden into the next day. When you find a way to express your thoughts you can ease the burden and it will improve your quality of life.

2. Being impulsive

While getting your thoughts out is important, as humans we were also blessed with the ability to inhibit our actions and what we decide to vocalize. If your thoughts are racist, sexist or all around negative toward an entire group of people, you probably shouldn't tweet it out where it will remain on the internet permanently. Especially if you're the president of our country.

3. Avoiding politics

Speaking of that, politics are important to grasp. Whether you're an expert or not, you have to have a general understanding of who is in office and what kinds of policies they are enacting. Not being involved in politics doesn't just shelter your mind, but it negatively impacts a large group of people, whether you realize it or not.

Yes, politics can be uncomfortable to discuss. So what? Deal with it.

4. Comparing yourself to others

We're all on our own path. Our timelines are different. Our personalities, thoughts, literally everything down to our genetic makeup is different from the person we are comparing ourselves to. So, remember that this year.

5. Sweating the small stuff

Not everything needs to be micromanaged. Personally, I've found people on Twitter are pretty guilty of that. Making things out to be a bigger problem than they actually are is toxic and I can promise you not everything is that big of a deal. Not everything needs to be made into a thread and not everything needs to be treated like it's happening on a massive scale.

Kids are dying in their classrooms and Flint, Michigan still doesn't have clean water. Priorities people.

6. Thinking "feminism" is bad

If you think feminism is just walking around topless and wanting to destroy the patriarchal narrative than you're talking to the wrong people. No feminist has ever said that wanting to raise a family and be a stay-at-home mom is a bad thing, but I frequently see posts on Odyssey about how feminism is not real and that it's bad to be one.

Tradition is not a bad thing to value, and neither is progression. Contrary to your close-minded beliefs, but they can coincide, all you have to do is not be a dick about it.

7. Being blindly optimistic in relationships

I always see girls tweeting out shit about how their ex was trash but their new beau is a dime because he let her use the aux cord in the car one time. Even though everyone knows that new beau is kind of a scrub.

Don't praise and glorify someone over one thing that should be a bare minimum standard. Don't put all your attention onto your partner's one good trait and ignore all the other faults they have that can be toxic to your well-being. Don't let someone's sweet disposition turn you into a blind optimist.

8. Being closed-minded to change

Opportunities are presented to us to help us grow, form new opinions and ideas and change as people. After moving out of my hometown when I was 18, I can't even imagine what person I would have been if I chose to stay. I am a completely different person then I was, and while part of that is just growing up and learning to value different things, a massive part is also from allowing myself to be exposed to all sorts of people from different places and with different upbringings.

It was challenging myself to leave my tiny corner of the planet. It provided me with reasons to want to go elsewhere and meet even more people and learn new things.

9. Avoiding the sunshine

Something as simple as opening the blinds, even on a rainy day, can make all the difference. No matter how tired you are, how unmotivated, depressed or helpless you feel in one moment...the feeling of opening your blinds and looking outside at the world is soothing and can help. There's never any harm in it.

I'm no stranger to failure, and these are all things that I need to work on as well. But it's a new year, a fresh start. A perfect opportunity to give myself the change and I encourage you to do the same.

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These Are 4 Proven Ways That Vaccines Cause Autism

Stock up on those essential oils.


Let's just start with the first (and main) point.

1. They don't.

Susan in your anti-vax group is not a scholarly source (despite her hours and hours of Google research).

2. But in case you still believe Susan...

Maybe you'll believe Autism Speaks who says, "Scientists have conducted extensive research over the last two decades to determine whether there is any link between childhood vaccinations and autism. The results of this research is clear: Vaccines do not cause autism."

3. And if Autism Speaks still didn't convince you...

Feel free to take a look at this comprehensive list of studies that all say that there is no relationship between vaccines such as the MMR vaccination and the development of autism.

4. But here's what you should know...

There have been a few studies lately that have shown that autism develops in utero aka before a baby is even born AND before a baby can even receive vaccinations.

Vaccinations have prevented COUNTLESS deaths and illnesses. Vaccination rates are continuing to fall and do you know what that means? Measles will make its way back. Whooping cough will come back. Rubella, mumps, and polio will come back and there will be no way to stop it.

So, now that you know that vaccines do not cause autism, you're welcome to go tell Susan from your anti-vax group that as well as tell her that the Earth isn't flat. But, don't forget to mention it to her that her essential oils and organic foods are not keeping her children safe from the measles or tuberculosis.

Vaccinate your children. And, besides, even IF vaccinations caused autism, wouldn't you rather have a child with a developmental disorder rather than a child who died from the measles?

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10 Facts That You May Or May Not Know About The Chinese New Year Or Spring Festival

It's known as both the Chinese New Year or Spring Festival


The Chinese New Year or the Spring Festival is a festival that celebrates the start of a new year on the Chinese Calendar. It's also one of the Lunar New Years as well. This year, the Chinese New Year started on February 5th, 2019. And 2019 is the year of the pig. The pig is one of the Chinese zodiac signs and is the twelfth of the 12-year cycle of animals. Here are ten facts about the Chinese New Year that you may or may not know.

1. There is no set date

The Spring Festival is on the first of January and it lasts until the 15th of January when there is a full moon on the Lunar Calendar. On the Gregorian calendar, the date is different each year. It can range from January 21st to February 20th.

2. It is the longest Chinese holiday

The Spring Festival is fifteen days long and is a national holiday. For the first five days, people spend time with their families and can only come out after the fifth day. People will stock up on cooking supplies, snacks, gifts, and more.

3. You can't shower, sweep, or throw garbage out

You can't shower on New Year's Day and you can't sweep or throw out garbage out before the 5th. If you do, you will wash away the good luck.

4. Children get red envelopes with money in them

The money is to help transfer the fortune of the elders down to the children. Bosses also give red envelopes to their employees, co-workers give envelopes to one another, and friends also do it as well.

5. People are supposed to eat dumplings everyday for every meal

Most people will eat dumplings for dinner on New Year's Eve and some will eat them for the first breakfast.

6. Desserts for the Chinese New Year all have special meanings

For example, Fa Gao, which is a sponge cake and muffin and people dye it colors. The fa in Fa Gao means "to get rich." There are many other desserts that have special meanings as well.

7. Everything is decorated red for the New Year

They will hang up red lanterns and strings of either real or fake chili peppers, chili pepper paste, red paper, and much more. People will also wear red clothing as well.

8. There are 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs and every year has a zodiac animal

The 12 Chinese Zodiac signs are the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig. My Chinese zodiac sign is a rat. If I was born a year later, I would have been an ox, and if I was born a year earlier, I would have been a pig.

2019 is the year of the pig. People born, will get positive traits of the zodiac of that year. In the western world, your animal can decide things like your career and health, but your zodiac year is bad luck for you.

9. In China, you have a 'real' age and a 'fake' nominal age

The real age is the one that you celebrate on your birthday, but the normal age is the one you celebrate during the Spring Festival.

10. The New Year ends with the Lantern Festival

Yuanxiao Festival or Lantern Festival is celebrated on the first full moon of the lunar year. People spend the night partying and letting lanterns go into the night sky.

I learned a lot more about the Chinese New Year and the meaning that goes into it. There were things that I did know, while other things, I did not know.

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