Coasting on the brink of comprehension

why is it always 3 in the morning when my thoughts come through

memories fafe and blur till the truth shines anew

truth could be the biggest lie of them all

for there is no truth when life is subjective to all

I once loved a life I drew

umidst a culture that I thought I once knew

thanks to the rows of prose I've had to decode

I know there are others burned by the same pain

I didn't know knowledge could bring a deep sad

I didn't know knowledge could make me so mad

but when I cemented my suspicion on a societal lag

I took a drag and wondered if there was a reason

to why my 16 year old self puzzled at the American flag

but as it with memories, when they blur

they stir into something new

so I'm left here laying, trying to drift into a sleepy blue