Is It Good For NBA Superstars To Demand Trades?

In case you've been an NBA fan living under a rock for the past month, then you've definitely heard about the entire Anthony Davis trade drama. After being apart of some really mediocre teams in New Orleans, Davis has finally decided that enough is enough and wants a trade. Specifically to the Los Angeles Lakers. Don't kid yourself, people, he didn't sign with LeBron James' agency for no reason.

This now makes the second superstar in as many seasons to very publically demand a trade before the end of his contract. It gives the fans an entire season to begrudgingly watch their games, just knowing that he's already pretty much quit on the team. It's also weird to see Davis show up to these games, start, and only really play 15 minutes. But is this kind of action good for the league? No, but it is good for the franchises who are looking to trade them.

One of the biggest problems for small market teams who lose stars is that they can never get anything for them in return. Kevin Durant walked away from the Thunder and they got nothing in return. LeBron James left the Cavaliers TWICE and didn't demand a trade so he could set up his hometown team for a bright future (what a monster).

But then you look at the guys who demanded trades and actually ended up helping their teams. Paul George wanted out of Indiana and gave them a year to trade him and now the Pacers have an all-star in Victor Oladipo and an up and coming player in Domantas Sabonis. Also as much as Kawhi Leonard was criticized for how he handled himself last year, it was actually better that the San Antonio Spurs actually got something for him. Sure Demar DeRozan isn't Leonard, but it's so much better than not having an all-star at all.

All you have to do if your a Pelicans fan is look at what you could possibly get for Davis. The Lakers were willing to give up all of their promising players, and if you want to send him to Boston you can get a hold of a bunch of really good picks and a guy named Jayson Tatum.

There haven't been a lot of trends that have developed over the last couple of years that I've actually liked in the NBA. But this one is one I actually don't mind sticking around.

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