10 Holiday Foods That People Secretly Hate
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10 Holiday Foods That Our Mother's Put Out On The Table, But We All Secretly Hate

Everybody hates fruitcake, but what secrets are people keeping about their food nemesis's?

10 Holiday Foods That Our Mother's Put Out On The Table, But We All Secretly Hate

As Christmas rolls around, so does the time of year when we all have to tell our family about our love life and eat food that we hate. Every year, people get gifted food, go to parties that are serving food, and have the annual Christmas supper. On all of these occasions, we have to eat food that we hate because we don't want to be rude, but the truth comes out. I asked people what holiday foods they secretly hate, and these were their answers.

Peppermint Candy Canes


While these may be classic, a lot of people detest the mint flavored things because of the resemblance to toothpaste. Stick to their much yummier fruity counterpart that everybody is guaranteed to love.



Everybody has received a Christmas pear basket at some point in their life. Next time, skip the healthy options and stick with the fattening and delicious baked goods. I would much rather receive a basket filled with cookies and peanut brittle.



This gelatinous slab of meat is the bane of many Christmas goer's existence. With a taste that is severely sub-par to turkey and a texture that will send you running for the hills, it is clear why so many people have issues with ham.



With a texture similar to yogurt, this meaty sauce can be the topic of many heated debates. You either love it or you hate it. Those who hate it tend to have consistency, flavor and texture issues. It's hard to deny that a gravy is easy to mess up, but it is an easy pass at the dinner table.



Eggnog is probably the most over-hyped holiday item ever. Everybody seems to love the stuff and serve it at every holiday party, but it is easily the grossest festive drink from all of the holidays. It is always over spiced and has a weird aftertaste. 0/10. I will not be partaking.

Green Bean Casserole


While I personally love green bean casserole, many people question why green beans and cream of mushroom soup were ever put together. For those that hate mushrooms, this is a nightmare of a dish, and if you aren't down for fried onions than this is not your cup of tea. One might say it's not how you casa-roll.



Yams are probably the most boring of all holiday vegetables. You can mash them, roast them, or put them in a casserole, but they always turn out unexciting. Even with mini marshmallows, it is really hard for yams to redeem themselves.

Rhubarb Pie


Rhubarb is just a tarter, redder, celery; and celery is the most useless vegetable of them all. Rhubarb tastes so much like an acidic earthy vegetable that it is hard to fathom how people eat it, let alone bake it into a pie.

Ribbon Candy


Ribbon candy is a classic. We have all had it before, hard candy ribbons that shatter in your mouth when you eat it. Fun, right? Wrong. They are almost completely tasteless and the texture is painful and hard to get out of your teeth. Ribbon candy is solely for the aesthetic but not taste or texture at all.

Jell-O Salad


Jell-O salad is possibly one of the most confusing desserts ever. It is in no way a salad, but literally just a mold of Jell-O. The classic Christmas Jell-O has three colors and flavors: red, white, and green. This may look appealing to the eye, but it tastes disgusting.

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