As if you needed more than one, here are 20 reasons to go take a nap right now:

1. You went to class

Even though you had absolutely no motivation to.

2. You woke up before 10

An extremely difficult feat for you. It's noon now. Go ahead and take that nap you need.

3. You drank a cup of water

You didn't have enough money for that coffee, but who cares?? You did something healthy.

4. You wrote a sentence for that essay due today

And it's the best damn sentence you've ever written

5. You finished binge watching that show

And now you're emotionally EXHAUSTED

6. You ate a salad

And now your body is shutting down from all the greens

7. You finally went to the gym

And now you feel like dying

8. You went up a flight of stairs

We all know you're out of breath...

9. It's raining outside

Ugh, perfect nap weather

10. You cleaned up your room... kinda

You finally have room on your bed to sleep!! Celebrate by taking a nap

11. You went to all your classes

Honestly, it's just so difficult to find the energy to go... reward yourself with that nap you were day dreaming about.

12. You only complained once at work

You really deserve that nap

13. You didn't cry today

Go you

14. You put on makeup

A task that is next to impossible for you to complete, but you did it.

15. You didn't wear sweatpants to class

You actually look nice today!!! Take that nap since you woke up early.

16. You pulled an all-nighter

This one's a given. Go to sleep.

17. It's cold outside

Ugh, the cold is so miserable, but guess what isn't? A nap.

18. You studied for a test

Now put that textbook under your pillow and let the power of osmosis work while you sleep.

19. You didn't use all your phone battery today

Your phone didn't die while you were out and you didn't have to charge it once. I think that's nap worthy.

20. You made it through the day

And that above anything gives you a perfectly good reason to take a nap.