5 Things I Learned When I Started My YouTube Channel

5 Things I Learned When I Started My YouTube Channel

I learned how to help myself while helping others.


When I was 15, I set up my camera and started my very first YouTube channel. I published videos once a week and had a pretty good following for the several years that I did it. I remember never scripting any of my videos so that every topic I would talk about would be authentic and speak volumes to others because it was just a normal girl giving advice rather than a scripted version of it. I remember spending little time editing because I wanted everything I said to mean something to someone, even myself. I learned so many things about life, friendship, love, and myself while I was on YouTube.

1. I learned about love

Some of my most successful videos were about my crazy love life (go figure) and through just talking about my problems and feeling on camera, I started to recognize a pattern in my dating life. I started to see where my choices in guys were leading me and how unhappy I was. That's when I began to change my dating life and through that, I have found some quality guys in my lifetime. It's amazing what recording your problems and watching them back tells you about your life.

2. I learned to help myself

I'm an only child and in high school, I didn't have a lot of friends, so I always felt alone when it came to teenage drama and internal struggles I had because I didn't know who I could rely on. So, I turned to YouTube and the world to help guide me through life. It ended up helping me grow significantly because I learned through the online communities that there were people struggling just like me and that I wasn't alone. This helped me cope with life struggles and bettered me as a person and I am so thankful for that.

3. I learned to help others

When you start a YouTube channel, the intent should be to reach out to people in some way. My way of reaching out was to help people as I was growing as a person, myself. I gave advice about everything a teenager would be struggling with and luckily, I had viewers reach out to me and tell me that it worked.

4. I learned who my true friends were

When you talk about your life, even without name dropping, you will bring up certain people and situations that might strain your relationships in real life. It was hard talking and giving advice while trying to be authentic because it meant that I might have to betray the trust of some of the people in my life. I eventually learned that if they don't want to support me in what makes me happy, then they aren't my real friends. It was hard at the time, but it paid off in the end because I got rid of many toxic people who were holding me back.

5. I learned who I was and grew as a person

Being a YouTuber is more than just making crazy amounts of money and publicity, it's about finding who you are through all of the glitz and the glamour. It's about learning who you are and creating a good life for yourself in a lonely internet world. There were trials and errors in the process, but I wouldn't trade everything I went through and learned for the world because it made me into who I am today, and I'm very proud of who I am now.

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10 VSCO Presets That Make You Look Tan As All Heck

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I don't know about you, but I cannot seem to get to the golden shade that I so desperately want. Think I'm silly all you want, but being tan makes me more confident. Now, working 40 hours a week, during prime sun hours doesn't exactly help this dilemma, so I have taken the matter into my own hands. These are a few of the VSCO Filter pre-sets that make me feel just as sun-kissed and stunning as I aspire to be, from the comfort of my cubicle.

1. E8 +8, Contrast +1, Temperature -1, Saturation -1, H. Tint Magenta +3

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3. C8 +12, Exposure -2, Saturation -2/+2, Grain +3 (Optional)

4. C1 +12, Fade +4, Contrast +2, Exposure +2, Saturation -2, Tint +3

5. A4 +7, Exposure -2, Contrast +1.7, Temperature +1.7, Tint +1.0, Saturation -2.0, Skin tone -1.0

6. M3 +12, Temperature -1, Contrast +2, Saturation -1/+1

7. E3 +12, Temperature -1, Saturation -2, Skin -2

8. HB1 +8, Exposure -1, Temperature -1

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10. G1 +8, Exposure -2, Contrast +2, Saturation +2, Temperature -1, Fade +2

Cover Image Credit:

Erika Glover

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8 Outside Objects That Make Your Poses And Pics Better

Mother Nature is usually a great background, but she adds some more objects for you to look good.


There's a lot to see in this world, a lot of natural things as for trees, leaves, and water that can also help you with your pictures. But some things that are put by human beings can help you with your pose. I honestly believe your background plays a good influence on how your outfit and you face will look, but I'm that awkward person who doesn't know how to pose if there is something behind me that would actually help me make my pose better. There so many things or objects to use for your posture to be better and make an even better Instagram-worthy post.

1. Brick wall lean all you want.

Brick walls are the best for anything. All sizes of brick walls will help your picture pop out more and bring focus to you. You can do many poses as you can lean on it, and take the picture from many different angles.

2. Can we just continue with these pics?

As I said before, you can take these pictures in multiple angles, as for these bricks aren't as tall as the last picture had. We tend to get a strong posture to make the attention be on the person.

3. Leaves still attached to the trees are as cool as fallen leaves.

Trees are something just in general that help make your pictures better as its a great natural background. Your poses don't even matter candid or look at the camera, you will look. anesthetic either way.

4. Tree benches are a thing?

I honestly don't what to call this, a tree bench or a log bench? It was a beautiful sitting spot under the tree near a stream. The fallen leaves added more fall vibes and made everything in the background even better.

5. Can we sit on the stairs?

I personally love stairs because you can do a variety of poses and they all seem a new place. Also, you can go opposite ways for your pose which really brings variety in your poses.

6. Step up the game. 

The sun was really bright, but the temperature was not good at 26 degrees. These girls are the most real friends ever. They didn't even complain about the cold once, I'm shocked! Stairs are amazing for any posture, I feel sitting down poses show more variety.

7. Pile of leaves, bring more color.

The more leaves fall, the more I want to have photoshoots. This large pile of yellow leaves was beautiful, and this made all poses to be on the ground but it added more attention to her. We all were like we need this spot.

8. One leaf is a fall thing, but this leaf was unique in shape.

Ever since fall came, I obsessed with leaves. I've realized there a lot of variety of shapes and colors of leaves which are crazy how they come so different. The leaf brings more focus to your face and pops your eyes even better. But you can do many different poses with a leaf in your face because it brings more focus to your face.

9. If you find a place to sit those pictures will all be different

A bench or a sitting area outside will a variety of other poses for you to achieve. You can do many more things than just standing in front of a plain wall. You can take your picture at many different angles, which can bring differently attention to your face.

10. Wooden doors will always help make you pose better with a calming background

I literally love to torture my friends especially in the cold, I love you guys, but this picture was after drinking hot chocolate, so I was warm and willing to take more pictures. So a wooden door is a perfect background, but also you can do many different things with this object. As to can lean on it, hold on to it or just stand symmetrically in front of it.

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