5 Christian Rock Bands You Need To Listen To
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5 Christian Rock Bands You Need To Listen To

Christian music isn't always what you think because these bands know how to rock.

5 Christian Rock Bands You Need To Listen To

Hey guys! I figured I would try something new this week and write about what my favorite Christian contemporary music artists are, and why I chose them for my list. These are my top five. Let me know in the comments, (if you would like ;) ) what your favorites are! I would love to see them!

1. For King and Country

This band, I have to say is my top favorite of all five listed. Partly, because I actually met them in person, and also, because of all the truth and thoughtfulness they put into each song. I believe they have been used by God so they can speak to so many people.

This is my favorite song by them. It talks about how we need to come together to end our struggles and stop tearing each other down. They are taking part in the 2016 version of Ben-Hur. I am so excited to see this movie for this reason. If you don't know what this movie is, it is about a man from the Romans perspective during the crucifixion of Christ. He was a character created to give a wider fuller vision of what life was like in that day. I am already looking forward to this movie and now that for King and Country are taking part in it, I am really hyped.

2. Sidewalk Prophets

This band is one of my top favorite bands because all their songs always had something, that meant something to me. The one song that I have linked here, is a cover that I made with my sister for one of their songs, a couple years ago. It was and still is one of my favorite songs. It was one of the only songs I had memorized. When my mom and I first published it on YouTube, it got a lot of views, so we decided, we will post it to the actual bands page to see if they even notice it. They did! They re-posted it shortly later!!

It was so awesome how they cared enough to re-post something that we had fun doing. When this video was made, our ages were 14 and 6. I am now 17 and my sister is now 9. I listened to this song so much that now, anytime someone suggests singing, the first song I think of, is this one.

3. Casting Crowns

This band is a big one that most people have at least heard of. The first of their songs that I ever heard, I would have to say was "Who am I?" Though I love this song, my top favorite of their songs is 'Courageous'. This was sung during the movie "Courageous" (one of my top favorite movies).This band has made so many songs that speak to so many people. I really appreciate each and every song that they have made. On my playlist of 500+ songs, I have included, many, many songs by them. A lot of modern christian contemporary bands have a "cooler" sound to them. This band always has a good sound to it, but it feels like because they are an all adult band, they are more mature in their song themes. They have a lot of very good meaningful lyrics in every one of their songs. I'm not saying that a newer band can't have good meaningful lyrics, I'm saying that this band has a more mature sound to it. If you want something that sounds like it has a message to share in every line, this band has many of those songs and that is a very big reason why I love them so much.

4. Lecrae

I love this artist so. much. If you don't know, Lecrae is a Hip-hop artist, but in all his songs, every one, he is glorifying God with every word. My favorite song by him, is "Background." I love this song so much because when I feel like I don't know where I fit into God's big plans, or feel like I am supposed to be out there trying to convince people to be saved, I listen to this song and realize that we aren't called to be out there winning people over, we are supposed to live how Jesus lived so through us, people can see that we have someone and something greater in our lives than just us being a happy and nice person. We are supposed to be pointing everyone towards the star of the show. We are basically God's backup dancers. We aren't supposed to be out there trying to show how great we are, we should be trying to make the star look good. If we are out there showing off when the star is right there, we are just looking like a fool, because everyone is here for the star. Not us. There is just so much truth packed into this one song.

5. Tenth Avenue North

I have listened to this band for years now. I really like the music they have written, especially their song "Healing Begins." The first time I heard this song, I was always angry and eventually realized that I needed to change that. I needed to talk to somebody about it. I think in a way, this song, helped me to "let my walls fall to the ground." Of course, God did the real work when I gave my heart to him, then, all my anger and frustration basically disappeared. But, this song was one thing I listened to all the time and I think God used it to open my eyes to how I was acting and showed me that I needed to have a change of heart.

If any of these made your top 5, let me know in the comments, if not, let me know which bands/artists did make your list. I'd love to hear more artists.

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