What Love Means To Me
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What Love Means To Me

Love is the most beautiful resource on the planet.

What Love Means To Me
"Love is the most beautiful resource on our planet."

I can't help but dedicate my life to Love. And on my journey to Love fully, I have come to question what Love really is. What does it mean? More importantly, what does it look like? Some say that we have diminished the value of the word Love by using it far too often, making the word almost meaningless. Others say that the word "Love" is sacred, using the word only to express extreme admiration and intense care for another. Personally, I believe that Love is a universal resource, manifested by our desire to connect with, breathe life into, and empower those around us. Most importantly, Love exists in infinite abundance, limited only by our choice not to use it.

This is what Love means to me: Love is a smile even when you feel like frowning. Love is touching her hand when you know she is upset but doesn't want to talk. Love is seeking to understand rather than judging the action. Love is giving more than you will receive regardless of whether or not you will get anything back. Love is believing in someone even when they are at there worst. Love is always assuming the best of the people around you. Love is... wait.

I think Love is deeper than this.

Love is allowing yourself to frown and showing that you are weak so that someone else can Love the frown right off your face. Love is giving her space, trusting that she will come to you when and if she is ready for your help while she is upset. Love is understanding that you may not be able to understand that person's actions, but treating them positively anyway. Love is learning how to receive without the expectation of giving back. Love is believing in everyone, including yourself. Love is never assuming, but learning to respond to the best and the worst of people. Love is...

Love is about you!

Love is about exposing your true, honest self while giving others the freedom to do the same. Love is realizing that you may not be able to solve her problem or fix her feelings, and that it is not your job to do so (although empathy is Love). Love is learning to accept that you may not understand your own actions, thoughts or feelings at times, but that this is a normal part of the human experience. Love is understanding that gifts are not meant for manipulation, they are meant to freely express Love. Love is believing in our ability to figure things out, to struggle, to grow, be happy, to hurt, to rejoice, to be in despair, to LIVE!

I think that Love is many things to many people.

To me, Love is a powerful reason to live. I want to produce as much Love as humanly possible.

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