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Screw Freshman College Roommate Horror Stories, My Roommate Is My Best Friend

She's the definition of roomie goals.

Screw Freshman College Roommate Horror Stories, My Roommate Is My Best Friend
Lizzey Erlebacher

Before my freshman year of college, I heard so many roommate horror stories. Whether it was something simple like "my roommate was so messy" or "my roommate came back at 2:00 a.m. every night drunk," I heard them all. Telling a hormonal high school girl these things makes finding a roommate when you commit to college the biggest deal in the world. Lucky for me, I found my roommate the day after I committed to college on December 16th, 2018. Not only is my roommate Lauryn someone I share a dorm room with, but she is also my best friend, partner in crime, therapist, shoulder to cry on, role model, and so much more. So Lauryn, if you're reading this (which I know you are), thanks for being the best roommate a girl could ask for.

Thank you for being the best advice giver 

Maybe your advice is so good because you are a #psychnerd, but you have definitely mastered the art of saying everything right at the perfect moments. Whether I'm happy, sad, tired, stressed, crying (this happens a lot), you are always there for me. Finding a roommate who will be your shoulder to cry on when you are just not feeling it is one of the best feelings ever. I know I can come to the room, open the door, spill out all my problems to you, and you would know exactly what to say.

Thanks for being just as awkward as me 24/7 (or even sometimes more awkward) 

I mean look at us...No matter how big of a NARP (not a real person) I am, I know I can always count of you to be just as NARPY right there by my side.

I dread going home because we can't laugh all night long 

It's safe to say we are silliest at night time. From "Bachelor" marathons to making shadow puppets, screaming random things at each other, or hiding in the other person's bed when they are in the bathroom, we are constantly laughing at later hours. I am sorry to the rest of our floor who has to put up with our goofiness.

You are the best dance partner ever (even if we are both not coordinated) 

Even though I am not the most coordinated person ever, I love to dance. It's a good thing you also like to dance for fun because I always have so much fun making up random dances with to our favorite songs. Then when time comes and the song comes on in public, we look like complete idiots doing wacky dance moves. At least we look stupid together!

You gracefully take the garbage out every time it's full 

Enough said, I am the worst and never take the garbage out. Maybe next semester I will, but that's pushing it.

Thanks again!

We decided to room the day we started talking 

I remember before I even got into college, people told me that if Lauryn and I both went to U of I that we should room. We then started talking the day after we both committed. Two quick hours of talking about anything and everything, we decided we were going to room together. I remember being with my whole family and they thought it was so soon. Good thing we both stuck with our instincts. Enjoy our awkward conversation above.

Thanks for being my built-in best friend 

Lauryn, thanks for being the best roommate a girl could ask for. It is truly mind-blowing to think that I practically did 18 years of life without you by my side. You are the most beautiful person on the inside and outside. I look up to you every day from your hard work, passion, and dedicated to everything you do. Thanks for being my rock and my constant source of happiness. I love you from 1326, to Kona Grill, lettuce, to the half wall and back.

With freshman year coming to an end, it kills me inside that I won't wake up and be in the same room as you. Good thing we only live 20 minutes away from each other at home (the Illinois difference), because I am so excited to see you over the summer all the time and make even more memories. Watch out Chambana, you have three more years of this crazy duo, ready for whatever is in store.

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