My Letter to Neil Hilborn


I guess I never really know how to start this kind of letter but I am trying so...just deal with me. I really just want to say thank you, thank you for the chance to live again. As much as your words have saved you, they have saved me. I listened to your poem "O.C.D" and I found myself understanding on a deeper level. It wasn't just the stage presence or the ability to use your lips to weave a story, it was the fact that I could place myself in your words because I have been there with my previous relationship. When I hear your words about love, life, and depression, I finally feel like maybe I am not so alone in a world where we are put into empty rooms. I read a quote from your book that stated, "I think that the genes for being an artist and mentally ill aren't just related, they are the same gene..," and I wept. This was the first time I looked into the mirror and the broken pieces started to look like a montage of stained glass and not the broken glass of a window I didn't mean to break. I thank you for who you are, for your mental illness, because little did I know that the thought of knowing someone else in this world felt the same way I did would encourage me to see a councilor, to get help.

This letter may be my only way of letting you know so I guess...I guess I wanted to say thank you. Thank you is such an overdone phrase but honestly, what phrase is strong enough to thank someone for saving your life when they have no idea you exist? I don't know if you'll ever read this but if you do....

Hi, my name is Jazlyn and I am a huge fan of your work. Thank you for being honest with the world. Thank you for the words to tell my family how I feel.


A girl with broken pieces, but a love for slam poetry

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